Sunday, October 11, 2015

Busking For Drug Money

  • Prescriptions Cost 38 Dollars
  • I Have A 38 Dollar Saturday Night
More later...

I was full of energy last night, at about 8 PM.
The Saints were playing in the Superdome and the weather was almost perfect, but I dallied around the apartment until such a point that I figured that I could always go out and play the next day.
I will never know how much I would have made after a Saints victory, and then a stint at the Lilly Pad.
I will never know.....


  1. I had an abscess back in the early 90s and my prescription probably close to that or more, but the lady at the hospital prescription counter suggested I just buy the generic. The generic was like ten bucks.

    So keep in mind the generic option is there.

  2. Yeah, I was going to buy the 20 pain pills and sell about half of them for 5 bucks each, then get the rest, but the pharmacy wouldn't sell me just the pain pills, how intrusive is that? Time to try another pharmacy...

  3. I was just prescribed pemnicillin, pain pills were not handed out som liberally then.

    PLEASE PLEASEPLEASE..... Keep a postal mailing address easy to find g on your site for random $5 bills and also because I shit you not, the internet is dying.

    The internet pipe is pinching down so fast, even though I'm a pessimist I can't believe how fast its happening.


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