Monday, October 5, 2015


You know, I think it would be a blessing if my "lease" here was somehow terminated and I could once again return to the life of living by the Mississippi River, and coming out from under the dock with a mission and ready to sing songs that have a certain integrity, as they are not me trying to copy some artist who sang about the life; but have sprung from the life...
That being said, Howard, along with a few other residents here has gotten a "termination notice" which I couldn't enlighten him about the meaning of, and which a few others upstairs have gotten.
We don't know what it means.
I really feel like I don't want to live here until I die; even though each night before I go to sleep, I arrange the things around me, so as to make an excellent photo for the coroners office...
I kind of hope that they throw me out of here, so I can return to the life of the homeless musician, whom people were enamored of and whose songs had true meaning.
But, that being said, I am determined to release a Christmas album, giving myself a timeline to complete the CD that I have been forever talking about releasing and which I will mail to friends and family as a Christmas gift.....
That doesn't leave me much time, but....

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  1. This is why I like to avoid interaction with social services, because they seem to take delight in getting you on them, then kicking you off, sonyou have to work together on them again.... I could spend X amount of time applying for food stamps, and have zero control over whether my effort would get me anything. But I could spend the same amount t of time panhandling, and I know I'm gonna get Y amount of money. It was a very consistent $20 an hour.

    I think the Natchez Pier can be livable if you put in some time cleaning under there and chase that bird off. Just throw sticks and stuff at it. That will keep the bird dander under control and keep that pesky gator from hanging around, to try to get the bird.

    Are there many artists there? I just got two pieces of mine "published" in that the guy who draws Bob The Angry Flower will likely use a strip I did and gave to him at the Alternative Press Expo this weekend, and another I did that will go on the wall at a local gallery.


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