Friday, January 15, 2016

Sure, Man!

My in-house phone rang at about 10 AM yesterday (Thursday) morning, and it was the security lady up front informing me that my friend from Baton Rouge, Sherman was in the lobby, waiting to be received.

I had just fallen into the deepest of sleeps, having not laid down until after sunup, but I was able to shake off the cobwebs and had a good time sipping coffee and talking to him.

He had been here a couple month ago, but left after not being allowed to keep his motorcycle in the gated parking lot that we have here at Sacred Heart Apartments.

A 10 Dollar Wednesday, on slow traffic, yielded at least one complement upon a version of Little Wing, by Jimi Hendrix, which I did with a harmonica solo included.

Thursday Night Off

I took the night off from busking, as it began to pour down rain, and Sherman wound up crashing on the couch after it began to pour down rain, rather than try to ride his motorcycle through it.
I am working on my 12th day sober and will soon have music to post, celebrating that. I have a couple recordings that are pretty much complete, and they have come out better than any of the previous stuff that I have done.
I will actively start deleting the other music, beginning with the oldest and working my way forward...
Sherman is in my room with Harold the cat, waiting for me to return from the store with cat and people food.

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