Saturday, February 6, 2016

Swimming Through Sea Of People

The scene outside my window is one of Mardi Gras parades with the streets lined about 6 deep with people trying to catch beads and eating a lot of food off of carts and tables..
I took a couple pictures but forgot to put them on my data stick so I'll post them tomorrow, I guess.
I am going to try to fight my way to the Lilly Pad.
I might be best off, cutting over to Tulane Street and grabbing a bus headed towards the Quarter from there.
If I walk Canal Street, I will be bumping into people the whole mile and a half.
It is 7:35 PM.
I will be happy to be at the Lilly Pad by 9 PM.
Lilly had invited me to watch the Muses parade with her, but we lost text contact with each other. I couldn't hear my phone ring, and when I finally checked the message, it was one of those "who is this?" ones, because I have recently gotten a new phone. Perhaps when I never answered, Lilly deleted the message instead of adding it to her contacts....
I will ask her about it if I see her tonight.
Wednesday night; "The Guy Who Wants To Play Your Guitar"
This night promises to be one of those 200 dollar "Mardi Gras" nights that we wait all year for. It is a Friday and not too cold at all, maybe 55 degrees....
Thursday Night Off
I took Thursday night off, as it was cold, and I had dallied until 11 PM at the apartment and was waiting for a bus that I couldn't see coming yet, when I decided that I could get more productive things done inside the apartment in the next couple of hours.
One can never tell, but I got some recording and mixing done, and that was that.

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