Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Broken In

  • 3 Dollar Sunday
  • Monday Off
  • 36 Dollar Tuesday
  • 33 Dollar Wednesday
  • 2nd Doctor Appointment missed -let me cover that here; I had my second appointment to see the doctor who, I believe is my "primary care" physician. As I recall, even though I was a veteran, my stint with the National Guard as a medic, back when I was 19 through 22, did not garner me enough accrued "active duty" time, so that I could see the VA medic and have the world of free, or drastically discounted care opened up for me.
Being as I was homeless, though, and the "Healthcare For The Homeless" doctor (now my primary care physician) was at the VA on that particular Tuesday, I think it was...Doctor K. was assigned to me, at that time, under that head. I think the idea is to see the guy every x months, even if you are feeling spiffy, so that he might diagnose something "early" and save you from it.
I only want to see the guy based upon the neck issues which, I have had my whole life, even through a period of time when I was seeing a chiropractor, who was stretching me and snapping my neck.
I found then, in my mid 20's, that the relief that comes with a freshly cracked neck in wonderful and rejuvenating; and yours to screw up.
As soon as you step out of the office, you see your car sitting there, three month behind on its payments, and your neck kind of reflexively tightens and you can almost feel it undoing the good doctor's work.
That is why I get the fact that chiropractors are usually also nutritionists and promoters of the stress free lifestyle that is going to keep your spine intact.
Now, I have stiff necks, and I know that if I eat chicken or soy that the stiff neck might extend to the right arm. There hasn't been any numbness that has impeded me playing the guitar, as playing it is kind of a way to work the numbness out....
But, I've missed the 2nd appointment; and the lady on the phone never seems to stress over it, as if she has a bunch of knucklehead clients who routinely miss their appointments. What else would you expect from a homeless person?

Tuesday night, I got to the Lilly Pad at around 10:30 PM, and realised that the one hour that the clocks were set ahead recently for daylight savings time* have me basically one hour behind schedule, making me believe that I go more by the sun than I do clocks.
*for the benefit of anyone reading this 10,000 years from now.

I played for 2 hours; on strings that I was ready to replace, but decided to get one more night out of, and that were not sounding as excellent as their newer selves.

The new harmonica in the key of C is broken in.

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