Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Money Matters

"So, how did you do out there?"

It hasn't taken long to go from feast to famine.
This morning, I transferred the 2 dollar bill that I had been saving, into the 1% jar, removing the 2 dollars in change from the jar.
This keeps the jar current, and I have made about $350 since reinstating the jar, about 2 weeks ago.
A rocket scientist can see, without a calculator that I have been living on 175 bucks a week.
I used to get paid that to work 40 hours in a Pepsi plant, standing alongside a humongous conveyor belt and uprighting the bottles which had fallen over.
Tonight is crucial. It is 8 PM, and I could be at the Lilly Pad by 9 PM, play for 3 and a half hours, and hope to make enough for food, water (I would have to clear over 60 bucks before I would pay 7 bucks for a pack of smokes) and future expenses.
I had taken a lot of time off to work on recording; and I suppose I will get paid for that if the songs wind up on a CD that I will sell alongside me.
All I can do is try to sound good and to do things to stave off depression.
1:47.55 "quarter mile run"
Like breaking my record for the run from the first crack in the sidewalk at the corner to the blue awning, "roughly" a quarter mile away.
"I had a couple of groups stop and sing along..."

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alex carter said...

That works out to $175 a week, and adding in your food stamps and the fact that you live in an apartment instead of an office with no running water, I'd say you're doing as well or better than I am. Maybe I should move to New Orleans and be a professional bum!