Saturday, March 26, 2016

Snowball Song

SNOWBALL SONG (click, hear)
Get Right Up On It
Above is the link to my latest creation, which I poured about 8 hours into, earlier today.
I determined that I was doing things ass backwards by not placing enough priority on the vocals.
I have learned that "the pros," who do background vocals in studios, actually try to match the vocalist right down to breathing in sync; and matching the vibrato, etc.
I learned that by reading the liner notes to one of the Elvis Costello discs, "Punch The Clock," to be exact. His revelation was that, on one particular song, he wound up with some very good singers backing him up; though they were not studio pros. His comment was that these singers were less "cliche" than the ones that matched his breathing and his vibrato. That contradicts me in a sense; but it was a revelation to me that such attention was paid to the vocals on big time studio releases in the first place; and so, I spent all day redoing the vocals, trying to get all (4 in some places) singers to land on the same consonants.
Enjoy the Snowball Song, I give it a rating of 80 points.
To put that in perspective, my earliest recordings fell between 8 and 12 points; with the more interesting ones in the 20 point range.
As long as I tag the song with something like "bedroom recording," I should be forgiven for the subliminal level cat meows and sirens way in the background.
By turning the sensitivity of the Snowball way down and then singing right into it; a siren bleeding through the front windows can be removed by a noise gate...
High technology; one of the themes of The Snowball Song

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