Thursday, June 23, 2016

4 Consecutive Nights Off

It is Thursday and I haven't busked the past 4 nights. I've probably bought myself 4 nights off in exchange for like $40, which my records indicate is what I could reasonably have expected to have made over those 4 nights, playing an average of 2 hours each.
Back To Work Busking...

Of course, I have gotten better and can blow away anything that I could have done a year ago, in my opinion. Well, almost anything. If I were to dig out any year old recording of myself and be impressed by it; it would have to have come from one of my sober periods...

I am down to about 10 bucks on this Thursday evening. Getting to the French Market to buy guitar strings is pretty crucial. If, for some reason, the guy who deals them there is not there, then I'll have to go out with the guitar missing a string and try to make some money with it. I've been playing it that way over the course of these 4 days off and have learned how to take advantage of not having that one (G) string in the way.

The savings jars have been depleted. After my 60 dollar Friday night, 6 days ago, I had the ability to catch the two jars up, which would have left me only about 5 bucks spending money, along with the satisfaction of knowing that my savings plan was on track. I had thought that I would be buying a new laptop around the 4th of July. Who knows, anything can happen; I am playing at the highest level of my life now.


  1. It's good to hear you're playing well.

    Have you considered putting together a CD? Your pen/pencil artwork is far, far better than your computer art work (isn't everyone's?) and you could do a CD cover easily. You could just Xerox those and cut to go into CD cases, or print them etc., and as mentioned, tourists love CDs because they like to get some tangible souvenir.

  2. I'm kicking around the idea of either, redoing "releases" from 1977 through 1991, with titles such as "Paper Fish," (1977 -I wouldn't actually re-do that one as it was 90% cover material of the only "easy" songs that I could play; like "I Need You," by America and "A Horse With No Name," ditto. If I could play it; it went on the cassette whether I liked the song that much or not, recorded then using two boom boxes to multi-track)
    But, I went on to get a Fostex 4 track cassette recorder with Dolby B, and released "What Can You Do?, (1984) " "Parallel Lines" (1985 -unaware that Blondie had already used the title) "This Is My Head," (1986) "Enlarged To Show Texture," (1987) "The Little Girl From The House On The Corner," (1988) and "Law And Order," in 1989. All recordings made from 1990 on, were stolen in 1998, along with all the studio equipment. From 1998 until 2010 I had no recording equipment and wasn't enough of a music skeezer to have schmoozed my way into someone else' studio, as had been done to me back in my college days; when I gave other musicians the benefit of the doubt because I hadn't seen the skeezing side of the tracks (pun intended) yet...
    But, "Enlarged To Show Texture" had a self portrait on the cover done in a kind of Mt. Rushmore style with little tiny men on scaffolds sculpting it and a whole work crew there...something like that I might re draw; and maybe include a song or two from the original

  3. Wow, it sounds like you were a real go-getter back in the day, before all the booze and weed and skeezing.

    I hope you can get that back, since you seem to be slowly sinking in the west these days.


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