Thursday, June 9, 2016

'Twould Be A Third Consecutive Night Off...

I hope I can go out and play this Thursday night and make enough money, with just the guitar and my voice, to buy a new harmonica the very next day. I hope I can push myself out there to do it; rather than stay in and read and write and draw pictures.
All I have to show for Wednesday night...
If I am patient, I may be able to order one online and then only have to wait a few days for it to arrive.
That would be a goal of mine.
I was up at 9 AM again upon what would be my 3rd night off if I were to take it.
There are some major things that I want to get done, and I feel like I am vegetating; reading and writing and drawing.
I finished a pencil sketch of Howard, which was commissioned by Tim, my caseworker here at Sacred Heart Apartments. The 10 bucks that he gives me for it will help put new strings on the guitar. It still feels like an uphill battle. My savings have dwindled and the staffing place down the street has no work available.
I know I could make more money if I became an "all day" busker; basically being in the Quarter with a guitar on my back, or playing somewhere the whole day; just being available to that one drunk who is going to hand you 50 bucks.
It's hard to imagine doing that and not drinking at the same time.
That used to be my life; crawl out from under the wharf, drink and energy drink and then start a long, circuitous route to the Lilly Pad, which would have me starting out shortly after sundown with a big can of beer next to me; and then just going from there; sleeping "better" because of the massive amount of a depressant in my blood and resting assured that I had the means to repeat the endeavor the next day.
It seems that busking is going to be my prime source of income for the time being, and that I should try to expand into working for blog that has been commercialised and makes money for its authors and its content providers.
A rush job; I needed money for strings and so turned to artwork as a means; rather than going out to play on whatever old used rusted strings I could find in the apartment.
I "cheated" insofar as I used a ruler to measure things such as exactly how far apart the eyes should be and exactly how wide and high the head should be (to be in scale with the eye width).
This technique was taught to me by a guy in Virginia who used it to draw huge portraits off of often wallet sized photos by using a protractor and a ruler and quadrupling all the distances, which he would demarcate on his blank canvas.
I don't think this is egregious cheating, as, I have seen from perusing art method books examples of "how to begin your drawing" showing lines used to mark the top and bottom of the head and X-es, used to locate eye sockets.
I "finished" the thing in about 2 hours and then spent another few, alternately starting at it and pulling it down from the wall to make a modification -until I was in danger of "overworking" it.
Howard was so light in the original photo that I drew off of that I decided to add the disastrous background, wishing now that I had put some landscaping behind him that might represent one of the places that we were homeless together. 

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alex carter said...

wow I'm impressed! You're a *much* better artist, using real art materials, than using a computer which I swear would make Leonardo da Vinci look like a 14-year-old with a spray can.

I know of at least one guy who made a whole career out of doing pencil portraits and selling posters of pencil drawings he'd done of famous people and musicians. And you're not far behind him ability, probably ahead, since as far as I know this is your first attempt and I'm comparing it to work the guy was doing after being at it for decades.

I think you're really onto something.