Monday, July 18, 2016

5 Day Water Only Fast Beneficial

I've lost about 10 pounds, I feel great, I think I could go out and break my record for the quarter mile run.
I'll put the weight back on, but it will be muscle, not flab.
I'm expanding my diet from watermelon infused water, to other fruits and vegetable and have had a little grain in the form of quinoa, and chia seeds; both of which look very similar in the way they cook -secreting a slime; a slime that is good for you.
I have yet to have any of the spasms and pinched nerve type feelings come back, and I'm afraid that it might have been the accumulation of at least an energy drink every day for the past few years that had been bringing about my maladies.
But, it was a chronic pain; and I chronically drank those things.
And having all but eliminating cigarettes through the tail end of the fast, might have something to do with my newfound well being.


alex carter said...

Daniel: "Hey, stop kicking dirt and bottle caps in my face, ya big skeezer bully!"

Karrie, taking a deep pull off an E&J brandy bottle: "Hic! Don't let it bother you, skinny man! He's just high on crack and will lose interest in a few minutes, Hic!"

(The promised few minutes later, and said bully crackhead has wandered off)

Daniel, kicking busted plastic lawn chair and frightening a nearby fleabitten pitbull mix: "Dammit, I'm tired of having to shake dirt and cig butts out of my head-weed, what was that health suppliment you said that guy uses?"

Karrie, tossing aside empty bottle and mumbling just before passing out ..."I said'ee uses crack.. *mumble*"

Daniel: "I'm sure I can find that stuff around here"

Our intrepid hero seeks this wonderful elixer with the humble monicker, and indeed, obtains it and embarks on a steady course of its pursuit and ingestion, thus attaining the wiry "crack physique" without an ounce of fat on him and the characteristic 1000-yard stare. We see him again at the same time the erstwhile bully does...

(Kicking dirt, ashes, and a wayward dog turd in the bully's face) "Take that you bully! You won't harass us by these porta-potties again!" (Then saying to himself with a glow of accomplishment) "Gee, this sure is a great health plan! I feel ready to take on the world! Wow, now I"m getting 'the jones' again, where's that @##%$ dealer?"

alex carter said...

Haha for a while you just had the picture of yourself "flexing" so I figured I'd add some dialogue, inspired by those old Charles Atlas ads in the comic books.