Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Dishwasher, Prep Cook

4 Dollar Wednesday

I thought about the fact that I was going out to play, and might only make a few dollars, or nothing at all.
I had accepted that fact.
I was out of money, out of food -both human and cat, out of tobacco products and had spotlight batteries that were running low.
I did have brand new strings on the guitar, though.
I was able to get a 5 dollar bud "fronted" to me by my dealer, who knows well that we are in the slow season and where I can be found most nights.
I started to play and soon up walked a couple of heavyset girls who seemed to have been drinking a bit. One of them wound up giving me 5 bucks just to let her hit the half tobacco/half weed joint that I was smoking, a couple times.
I then went on to add 4 more one dollar bills to the tip jar, before knocking off at about 12:30.
I bought a pound of barley, a sleeve of split green peas and a can of cat food, all for $4.32.
"This is the first time I am buying barley in my life," I said to Xavier the cashier at Rouses Market, but then added: "I'm sure when I taste it I will realize that I've had it before; in soups and stuff..."
I got back to the apartment and put Harold's food out, and then made barley/oat milk, which was excellent, as was the dish I will call "green pea soup with barley and oat pulp."

I found the shirt, and will wear it to busk tonight; because it might be a lucky shirt, or people might hear me and say "You need to put the guitar down and get back to the dishes!"

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alex carter said...

One huge problem with canned soups like beef-barley is they have an utter shitton of salt in them. We're talking 1500mg per can!

But, barley is awesome, so what I suggest is you get some stewing beef and simmer that a long time, then add barley, and later veggies and some low-salt seasoning like Spike, and then here's what you do: Let it cool at least a bit and ladle it into large styrofoam cups, and store those in your freezer. Then you have soup ready to heat up whenever you feel like it.

A friend of mine used to do this making veggie soup alone, then would add whatever fresh meat he'd gotten that day, shrimp or stir-fry beef etc.