Saturday, July 30, 2016

What We Sow

$8.50 Saturday

Waiting To Be Re-Shelved
I'm broke again and thinking that I will go to Starbucks and try to buy someone their coffee off my gift card that still has about 8 bucks on it; in exchange for cash (of a lesser amount).
I really don't have to do it, but I am on the verge of shoplifting a can of cat food from the dollar store that has been seeing me every day since I moved in the neighborhood, the staff of which having a long time ago stopped "monitoring my activities," as I moved about, usually buying the same things and chatting with them and pulling a good amount of money out in paying for my stuff.
But then, in order to remain honest, I would have do what I did the last time, which was: to go in the next day and buy 2 of the same thing, but leave one in the store; throw it in the Reese's bin or just set it in a pile of stuff that looks like it was abandoned at the register for whatever reason and is waiting to be re-shelved.

Quarter Physics
I think I have just figured out a dynamic that is in effect in the Quarter.
I think that the bulk of tourists in town now are "daytime" tourists and are bemused by the antique shops and galleries and tarot card readers etc. of Royal Street and even the buskers that they see there.
They don't come out at night because, like night and day, the two scenes are diametric to each other, and they are only interested in the one.
The Lilly Pad has been a derelict spot; at least during the hours that I have unwittingly chosen to play. I haven't been staying past 1 AM.
I got there around 10 PM and played for an hour and made 5 bucks.

Before I resort to shoplifting, I could always ask Bilal (in gray suit) for a small loan. I might have to if my strings start breaking.

This, I took up the street to repay Bob, the weed guy, who smoked me up before I returned to the Lilly Pad and played my ass off for all of about 10 people who paused to listen.
3 and a half of them threw me a dollar, and I was told that I "had that," in reference to the music that I had been playing, by at least one young black guy of the 25 or so people that walked past me during those 2 and a half hours.
I wish I could sit here and write more, but I am craving nicotine; sorry, reader...

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alex carter said...

Don't shoplift, this slow time of the year is the time to experiment. Make a bunch of funny signs and let people buy 'em off of you, try a bit of slide guitar, ask at small shops for odd jobs like mopping the floor, cleaning the windows, or something, try selling some of your art, something. You don't need a shoplifting rap.