Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Movie Reviews

I stayed in and up all night watching movies on the "new" TV and VCR that I have gotten, which are right out of the 90's.
And, so it seems fitting that the 3 movies that I consumed were from that era.
96 Points
"Bruce Almighty," acclaimed "Wildly Funny," on the cover, is that to the usual Carey degree, but was also a "high-minded" comedy, dealing with the nebulous issues that I ruminate upon myself.

Matters of time, God taking a human form, and free will of man are themes.

It is one of the rare times that I have seen Jim Carey, whom I know is pretty famous from reading about him and (I now know) pretty talented. -96 pts.

These movies were given to me by Rose and Ed, my neighbors from upstairs and a couple out of a handful of residents at Sacred Heart that I speak with.

They came with the TV that they sold to me for 40 bucks and, the VCR which, I think, the just gave to me. I will have to see if they ever ask for it back.  Who, with a HDMI level DVD player and LCD TV would want their 1990 vintage VCR back? It does have "4 heads," though.
44 Points
That being said, when Ed dropped off the TV in my room, connected the VCR and then tested the rig to make sure it was working with the (2) remotes, he used the "Bruce Almighty Movie to do so.

He then stacked the rest of the 10 or so movies in the order that he thought that I should watch them, with the best ones, in his opinion, toward the top.

On the very top of the stack was "From Dusk Till Dawn," and below it, another Quentin Tarentino penned thing called "True Romance," and under that was a movie called "Lost In Space."

Since the Jim Carey movie was already in the VCR, I watched it first and and pretty sure that it will not be bumped out of its top of the stack position.

"Dusk Till Dawn," I didn't like much at all.
Tarentino deals in themes of sex and violence, and the movie was pretty much one where I only half cared about the characters. -44 Points.
"True Romance," had a better story, written by the same Tarentino guy, and I got my first glimpses of Patricia Arquette and Christian Slater on the screen.
The violence was not quite as senseless as in the "Dusk" flick. -61 Points.

The 46 bucks that I made last Friday night, has lasted 5 days, only just now running out with the purchase of more cigarettes and coffee; as I am set up to sit and watch movies all night; should I decided not to go after the recent average of 12 bucks for playing on a Wednesday night at the Lilly Pad.

I have food, weed, cigarettes and coffee.

I actually watched 3 and a half movies last night.

"Lost In Space," I can only count as a half a movie, because I wound up fast forwarding it past the predictable action, pausing a few times on the face of the younger girl that was made up with eye shadow and false eye lashes. For a journey into deep space, with mostly family members on board.
31 Points
The thing being based upon the old black and white TV series which I loved as a kid, as it came on before my bedtime of 8 PM, I think it was; as I was about 7 years old.

This movie I hated.

I yawned at the special effects; rolled my eyes at the cliche's like "the rouge guy," who had yelled at him by someone above him in the chain of command, repeatedly, some variation of "What you are doing is against regulations!"

But, sometimes (several times in this movie as a matter of fact) you just have to throw caution to the wind and break the rules in order to save the life of a heavily made up teen aged astronaut.
The cliche's went on and on.

Of course "We don't have much time!" was a line that failed to heighten any suspense, nor increase my heart rate, as I spent most of the film thinking things like: "I suppose those are foam rubber rocks tumbling down," "A lot of people are afraid of spiders so I suppose alien spiders are an ingenious addition," "What are the theater goers suppose to make of the orchestra playing as a background to the Pac Man technology sound effects?" and "That's the little boy whom I saw come on Letterman, who was like a spoiled little brat, and who yelled "Lost In Space!" to the studio audience, giving a thumbs up as he did."

Of course he thinks the movie is "really great," because he is in it; I remember thinking at the time. How many movies could the 8 year old have seen in his life to compare Lost In Space to, anyways?


alex carter said...

Lost In Space seems to have been the last gasp of a computer company called SGI, or Silicon Graphics, which made computers that were specialized for doing graphics. Their demise came as regular consumer computers became more powerful, and as build-it-yourself supercomputers became a thing. Their old building in Mountain View, California, now houses the Computer History Museum.

Daniel McKenna said...

You can see from the cover photo where the excess silicon may have gone...