Thursday, August 11, 2016

Prove That You're Not A Robot

The "Proove that you're not a robot" things are getting ridiculous.

They will show you an array of photos and ask you to identify, say, the store fronts. But one of them will technically be a church, but it will have what almost looks like a storefront...

Click on all the pictures that have a river in them....

Sorry, that is a really a runnel, that one a creek (see, it's not wide enough to qualify as a river) and that one is just a rill through a gap in the rocks....and, have you never seen a brook before?!?

Then, they will show a photo with what might be a river, or just a patch of ground fog, in the distance.
Now,  a robot might not be able to compute that ground fog is often seen rising off a river, when the water temperature differs from the air's. But It's hard to tell especially given the small size of the photos, and.... it's getting ridiculous.

That is a violet balloon, we asked for purple; sorry you can't post here.....

It is Thursday, it has rained most of the day and it rained most of last night, making my decision to stay home and not busk easier to make, as I didn't need to invent an excuse.

I just wasn't psychologically prepared to go out and have a 5 dollar night. Not with new strings on the guitar, and not after having practiced a few hours already.

So, I've got about a dollar "to my name," and the rain has stopped and it is a Thursday and I think I will go out just so I can run into some weed and try to enjoy myself.

I slept a full 8 hours and had a weird dream -the result of going to sleep on a pretty full stomach, but also the result of having expanded my diet to include a sweetener, namely honey.

I think that the blood sugar levels have something to do with one having depressing dreams that one wakes up depressed from. It would be easy for me to back off on the honey and just have my oat milk "plain" (a dash of salt and maybe some pitted date morsels on the bottom) for a couple days; to see if I still have that sinking feeling in the morning; or those dreams where I am falling and can feel it in my stomach.
In the one I've had a few times, I'm on a roller coaster and as the car levels off at the top of a rise; I fly out of my seat and continue on an upward course; suspended 200 feet over the amusement park.

This one, I was on a bus and had noticed when getting on that the driver was not the real driver and was someone evil in disguise. (kind of like when Mr. Bill recognizes Mr. Sluggo) but, in the dream I had planned upon fooling the guy by getting off one stop earlier than I "always" did.

I had done this recently in real life, turning at a certain intersection to circumnavigate a section that I had ridden over every day that I have taken the bike. If someone had wanted to ambush me they could hide there and wait. Except for this particular day...

I envisioned "them" thinking that I was clairvoyant ....177 days in a row he goes straight across the intersection; and only today, for some reason, he turns and takes the next street up...this guy knows something!

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alex carter said...

Amp problem solved!

LOL I love the "prove you're not a robot" things ... "click on all the pictures of breakfast" etc.