Saturday, October 8, 2016

Fumbling And Bumbling

$23 Friday
Kenny Rogers At the Saenger Tonight

I think that, after 5 minutes of fumbling around. I can find the chords to The Gambler, by Kenny Rogers, on the neck of my guitar. I already know the lyrics. Who could forget lines like: "Somewhere in the night; the gambler, he broke even..."

I played basically the same time frame last night, making the above amount, accounting for $13.01 per hour.

I hadn't gotten there until around 11 PM, again.

Yesterday's blog post took me from about 6:30 until 9:30 PM to write.

I could have played longer, as there were still tourists out, which I had to weave my way through on the way to returning the milk crate to The Quartermaster, before I knocked off.

There is some kind of convention in town, and there are a lot of people with accents which they inform are from New Zealand. It could be a corporation based in New Zealand which is having its convention here, or one from here that just has a lot of New Zealand natives as employees; like a certain Winn Dixie in Jacksonville, Florida where almost everyone working there is Bosnian.
I put 7 dollars towards the TV, leaving a balance of 20, and then put 25 dollars on my prepaid American Express card which, for some reason is not having the 5 dollar monthly taken off of it.

 The Importance Of Being Different

When I bought the card, I tried to register it, but mistakenly signed up for a more full service account, and was sent a blue card and told to destroy my green one. When I reported that they had tried to charge me in order to load money onto my new card, they told me (in an Indian accent) about what I had done. The blue card has a lot more functionality, but has a loading fee. They remedied the situation by sending me a second green card and, in turn, told me to destroy the blue card.
Now, I have had the second green card for 2 months, have paid nothing to load money onto it, and it has not had any 5 dollar monthly fees deducted from it.

Maybe they still have me under blue card status, whereby I pay no monthly fee, but should be charged a fee every time I load money onto it, but am not because I actually have a green physical card. My whole life, I have been the beneficiary of such glitches, I must admit.
It is because I don't do things the "normal" way, and often improvise.

"The Sky Was Yellow And The Sun Was Blue"

When I worked at Wang Labs, in 1983, they removed one supervisor from over me, who came to me and informed me that I no longer had to answer to him, and then put me under another supervisor, but never told him that I was then under him. For months, I had no supervisor, and could punch in, then leave the building and drive around, go to restaurants, visit and hang out with friends, drive around just listening to music, or go to the beach, returning to the Wang factory only to punch out, before going home. I could punch out a couple hours later and get overtime pay, if I wanted.

This was all due to a glitch, which was the result of the fact that I had become a deadhead, and had dropped acid and had started to wear tie dyed shirts to work, grow my hair out, smell like patchouli oil, etc. and, since it was unlawful for them to fire me for any of these things, they had tried to shuffle me off into another department, out of sight. It was a huge company with a lot of bureaucracy, just like American Express, I guess, and they hadn't quite dotted all the "i"s when shuffling me.

So, maybe my Forrest Gump style bumbling has gotten me a pre-paid credit card free of fees...

The TV

I gave Ed and Rose the food that had corn as an ingredient, out of a box which I had gotten at the St. Jude food bank, to go with the money.
It is 8:45, I have to use the restroom; and I have the opportunity to be at the Lilly Pad a full hour sooner tonight if I leave now. I think I will. I will save the long blog posts for quiet Monday and Tuesday afternoons and evenings.


alex carter said...

Actually all they did was switch you back to a green card, which has no fee.

Daniel McKenna said...

Except the green card is supposed to have a 5 dollar monthly fee (the only way they make anything off it besides the $3.95 purchase fee, it seems)but they don't even seem to be taking that....