Thursday, October 20, 2016

To Pay 7 Times As Much??

Strings Not Here Yet

The strings that I ordered online from Musician's Friend dot com, haven't arrived yet.

They sent me a "your order has been shipped" e-mail; and it is supposed to take about 4 days; but, they should come tomorrow.

It being Thursday, I could go and pay 10 bucks for a set of strings (Musician's Friend had them on sale for $1.50 per pack, outrageously enough...) and probably make enough to cover them.
Plus, I don't want to take too many nights off because skeezers seem to be getting comfortable at the Lilly Pad when I'm not there, and given its proximity to the bar, that's understandable.

The problem is, when I show up, they don't want to relinquish the spot, even though I'm right there trying to play music....


alex carter said...

To be No. 1 skeezer at any skeezing spot, yes, you have to be there pretty much what the other skeezers would call "all the damn time".

Daniel McKenna said...

Yeah, but you can take a few days off, after 3 years of playing there pretty regularly, and still have "been there, for years," when you come back LOL which is a strong card to play; but that would be known only by the skeezers who have been there throughout most of my tenure; and whom, I suspect, owe their own skeezing rights to the block to the same consortium of residents, spearheaded by Lilly, as I do.
They are the ones who would bow and or tip their hats to the inhabitants of a house that they are skeezing in front of, when they see them come and go...just making the neighborhood a friendly, no threatening place, us...etc..
It is these skeezer come lately's who show up on the nights that are so slow that the veterans are even off doing skeeze B who might think my telling them "this is my regular spot," is something I made up, just to try to out skeeze them.

alex carter said...

Yep it takes some work to stay King Skeezer. You can't slack off.