Thursday, November 3, 2016

Attractive 25 Year Old Girls Rarely Starve To Death

I cleaned the apartment like it hadn't been since I moved in almost 2 years ago now.
The World Series was on the radio, and I was waiting for a call from Olya, who was flying in from the Ukraine and was scheduled to arrive at 10 PM.
She was going to come over to the apartment and stay for a few days.
I wasn't surprised when I got a message from her at around 11 PM, saying that she didn't feel good after the trip and that the friend who had picked her up was going to keep her for the night.
She was probably tired and just wanted to flop down and go to sleep, rather than go to meet someone for the first time and deal with a bunch of unknowns and then to try to get a good nights sleep in that strange environment.
It was determined that we would meet today, in broad daylight, and that she would see the place and decide if she wanted to crash for 3 days in exchange for 60 bucks.
She texted this morning and I gave her the erroneous information that a dog would be alright. I don't know what I was thinking, other than that Harold the cat could stay outside for most of the time if it was a problem.
She arrived, driving that same friends car, with a big Labrador and we were told by the front desk that "outside dogs" were not allowed.

So, Olya went off to return the car and leave the dog with the same friend.
She said that she was going to be back this evening by 8 PM, before I went out to busk.
I imagine that she could then enter the apartment, and that I could go out.
But this presents the problem that, while I was out, she could leave, but she wouldn't be able to get back in without my being present; so, no quick runs to the store and back for her.
She could eat, shower and then get dressed and go out, but would have to contact me when she wanted to return.
This could work out well, if I'm able to busk from 9 PM, until maybe 1:30 AM, and make 40 bucks, then get a call from her saying that she is ready to go back in the apartment. Of course, I would have to make sure that she was on the right trolley. So far, a lot of time has been spent just trying to meet up with her, like spending about an hour after 10 PM last night, with my music down so I could hear the phone ring, after having spent about 5 hours cleaning the apartment.
The cleaning needed to be done anyways, and this was a good excuse.
Because it was a female who was arriving, I was a lot more meticulous, knowing that one strand of hair somewhere could signal her that the whole place was decripit.
But, Russian girls are less like American ones in a lot of ways, one of which being that they are less "girlish," and don't have less likely to think it not proper that a young lady enter into an arrangement such as crashing at the place of some guy whom she just met.

I sure hope something comes of this, because it has already been a distraction. At the same time another guy has been calling who sounds more like, "Hey, as long as I can clear the empty beer cans and trash off a spot big enough to sleep on, I'm fine."

I poured baking soda deodorizing powder all over the couch and rugs then vacuumed them up, etc. 
She was about 25 years old, and pretty attractive, could be here looking for a job as an exotic dancer. She apparently has a good friend here, who let her borrow a car.

And the fact that she adopted a large black dog that looks healthy after three years of her keeping it, speaks of her having resources. Attractive 25 year old girls rarely starve to death.


alex carter said...

She can always make good money out begging with that dog, too, so you might be onto a cash-cow here.

alex carter said...

That's a pretty nice apartment for the low-low price of free.

Maybe I should move out to New Orleans, spend some time sleeping under the city sign or under the Nachez dock, and then apply for one myself!

Daniel McKenna said...

Under the city sign; good choice
It reads: "Welcome To New Orleans Downtown."
You will have to be able to admit to yourself that, you need help in getting a roof over your head because, despite being a really nice guy, you just keep winding up on the street, and this has been going on for almost 10 years now; and to be able to communicate this to someone whose job it is to help people just like you; and if you can develop a dependency on some chemical and have it documented (to give your portfolio a little beef)that would help. Visit a shrink in regards to your debilitating fear that there are forces at play in the world that are at work, keeping you homeless; for an even more robust profile...
But, I would go for a house with a back yard; and not an apartment in a place like this.
A lot of the residents of these apartments are trying to get out of here and into houses with back yards big enough to have gardens, porches and patios; and fenced in so a dog can run around and where you can open the windows, etc. The ingrates.
You have to give some credit to my interior decorating skills for making mine a "pretty nice" apartment. LOL

alex carter said...

Geez, a back yard?!?. Hell that apartment would cost a grand a month out here in California, and what I don't get is, the wages out here aren't any higher than they are there. It's the same $12 an hour no matter where you go.

I could bring being a veteran, at least as much of one as you are (neither of us fought in any wars etc) having bad eyesight, can probably come up with a mental problem or two, and if push comes to shove can start drinking again and say I have an alcohol dependency - the apartment will get me right off the sauce, but Heaven Forbid I lose the apartment and go back onto the bottle!

I just talked to some folks on the light rail who came out from New Orleans to watch the Saints kick the 49'ers' asses; they were surprised how much I knew about New Orleans without having been there.

Yes, your interior decoration skills are on point. If there's anything I'd suggest, it would be to veer toward lighter colors to make the place look bigger.