Sunday, November 27, 2016

It Isn't Cheetoz

It is Sunday, I came in this morning at about 3 AM, after having had a good night, musically, but only made 6 bucks in a couple hours.
I had gotten a couple groups of people to stop and listen when it seemed that they were in the process of walking on.
This is progress, even though it might not show up on the balance sheet.
After all, Tanya and Dorise make their money by getting groups of 50 people to stop and listen; you have to crawl before you walk.
I did this by jumping directly into certain verses of songs, instead of doing them in order, so as to snare their attention in the 3 seconds that I had to do so.
I was doing my "Computer Geek Blues," about my girl running off with a computer guy from California, and jumped right to the line: "Now she's putting her software on his hard drive..." and was able to get a couple (a heavyset black guy of about 20, and a skinny half-Latina with a pretty face) to listen to the rest of the song, complete with harmonica solo. They were very complementary and gave me one of the six bucks that I would make. It really seemed that they wished they had more...
Some good news is that, I checked the balance on my prepaid card to find that it had 20 dollars more on it than I had thought.
And, now I prepare to call Howard about watching football this afternoon. I do this so he will expect me; and so he might grab me a Monster Energy drink from the store when he is getting his Cheetoz and Pepsi; like he did last time. I love my Monster Energy drinks. I might bring Howard a mango, like I did last time. I half expect that one, which I gave him 2 weeks ago to be sitting uneaten somewhere, because it isn't Cheetoz. LOL


alex carter said...

"Computer Geek Blues" reminds me of this guy I knew, who was bitching about losing his girlfriend to this creep, "He has long hair, and plays guitar, and drives a Prius, and has a job" - how dare he? This is not to say that gals aren't gold-diggers, because almost all of them are. Karrie would leap into your arms if you suddenly became Mr. Suburban with a house with a white picket fence and all that.

alex carter said...

How about ordering Mr. Westra some *real* Cheetoz?

BTW the local Safeway has these snacks made in Israel that are Cheetos but peanut butter flavor instead of cheese. I need to get brave and buy a bag and try them.

Daniel McKenna said...

You have to have a car and a job because those are things that women need to feel secure; comes with the territory; like you have to have a litter box and a scratching pad and both wet and dry cat foods; so when you open the door the cat wants to come in...
It's as if the guy who can "connect emotionally" to a girl and make her feel "special" puts his money where his mouth is when he goes out and gets the job and car. It's to prove his worth and demonstrate his ability to provide. The least he can do, if he is serious about their "love." It's genetically programmed into the species.
The long hair and guitar playing is icing on the cake; now the babies that she envisions having in that secure environment might even inherit a flair for the fine arts; along with the inheriting of the ability to provide (i.e. getting their own car and job) for themselves and the next generation.
The "problem" is that the genes are fast mutating to where the ability to write code for a cross platform mobile phone application is becoming more attractive to newer generations of girls than the ability to do whatever your friend who is bitching does (bench press 380? cook the best crack? always be "there" for her? shoot pool and drink beer like other non creeps?).
The ability, that the creep might have, to record an awesome song and send it to all his friend's phones and get 100 "like"s within an hour is the new "putting that ball right through the tire 3 time to win her the giant stuffed panda at the Pig Fest," here in the 2020's.

alex carter said...

Yep gals are ALL about safety and security. It can manifest in strange ways, like the last GF I had who was impressed as all hell that I had cash in hand every day, because I was panhandling! She had the place to live, car, secure high-paying (over $20 an hour) job, was in a Union, etc. but she was horrible with money and would run out and spend each paycheck as if it was going to evaporate if she didn't. So, my being able to just go out and get money was magic to her.

Being in shape and riding a motorcycle probably helped too...

But this gal was kinda weird anyway ...

Mostly it's about safety security etc to the point where the guy could have the personality of a Dilbert character, doesn't matter, say he's got family money and will never sink below upper-middle-class, he's a chick magnet.

Haha my "friend" being able to bench 350 or cook the best crack ... those things would actually take some work and discipline to develop ... No, this guy's fortes are complaining, whining, wearing his socks until you can't tell what color they originally were, and holding down shitty jobs like driving (drunk!) for Uber. The guy's got the eyesight, that I don't have, to be a truck driver and I believe at least got his lowest-level commercial license. There are tons of jobs for reliable drivers around here, that I can't get and he can. Nope, he's a professional mope.

Daniel McKenna said...

Driving goes hand and hand with all of this e-commerce, I say, as I sit here and wait for a semi to bring my harmonica and strings into Louisiana; where it will be passed to a guy in a brown uniform driving a brown truck; maybe he will even be brown; who will drop it off at the apartments here.
Tell your friend to get while the gettin's good; i.e. before the fleet of UPS drones take to the skies, whizzing harmonicas here and there LOL

Alex said...

I kind of put drone delivery in the same category as "rocket mail" and other 1950s sci-fi dreams. I really think hubs with guys on bikes will turn out to be cheaper, hell, keeping it as it is now is cheaper.

There are all kinds of jobs doing stuff you never think about like delivering auto parts to repair shops and cockamamie things like that. I don't have the eyesight, and in fact am continually surprised that the DMV lets me keep my "civilian" driver's license.