Friday, November 25, 2016


Turkey day, I woke up kind of depressed, like you're supposed to do if you live by yourself and a holiday comes along which conjures up memories of warm "community" feelings.
I have since modified my diet to the exclusion of almost everything on the typical Thanksgiving Day table, and so had kind of ruled out taking someone up on the couple offers that I had gotten in the days preceding the holiday.
I started to consider going out to busk, perhaps because it didn't make sense.
Year in and out, the Quarter has been pretty empty on Thanksgiving day, with people inside homes, spending time with family, and the Unique Grocery being the only open business...

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alex carter said...

I certainly know the feeling. T'giving would be a day I'd have: (a) gone to one of the nearby casinos, where they would have a "thanksgiving special", (b) gone over to That Large Italian Restaurant, You Know The One, On Castro Street in Mountain View, which serves up a free T'giving dinner each year to thank the community for all the money they make hand over fist, or (c) Sat around here and moped.

Instead, it was a nice T'giving dinner with my boss/friend's family, good old home cooking, and nicer than anything from my actual family (I grew up in a Standard American Family(tm) where once you're 18 you're out of the house and you basically never meet again).

Don't feel too down, remember there's a reason most Denny's' are open on Thanksgiving.