Saturday, December 24, 2016

A Christmas Cartoon

This is the cartoon of last night that I drew after I had gotten home.
It was a 39 dollar Friday night, that had started out pretty slow the first hour. I played for about three and a half hours.
Ten of the dollars was from Lynda, a resident who lives almost across from where I play.
I had gotten a card from my mom that had sixty dollars in it and a suggestion that I find someone to share the "true meaning" of Christmas with, on that day; tomorrow.
I am planning upon going over to Howard Westra's to hang out and watch football (I'll have to get him some kind of gift...a bag of Cheetoz and a 2-liter of Pepsi would be the easiest) and share the true meaning of Christmas.
I now go out to see what is open and then probably to busk on this Christmas Eve.
Perhaps tonight it will come...

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alex carter said...

I hope you get the Great Christmas Tip!

It's really cold here but clear and sunny, and I'd be out in pursuit of the Great Christmas Tip myself except I've not been practicing, but am going to brave the cold and get out and get an idea if anyone's out on this day.