Thursday, December 29, 2016

Howard's Thursday Visit

There was a phone call Thursday morning, from the front desk informing me that Howard was here to see me.
He told me that they had missed me on Christmas, over at the house.

I had planned upon going over in the evening to watch the late football game, but, perhaps Christmas is done early on that morning, and I had missed all of the gift swapping and lunch with them.

Howard presented me with a large Monster Energy drink (left) which I immediately popped open, as he had stirred me at 11 in the morning when I had only about 4 hours of sleep in...

He then asked me the favor of figuring out what a tablet that he was given for Christmas was good for, handing it to me and telling me that I could return it to him on New Years Day, when I came over to watch football.

I brought it to Starbucks, where it instantly connected to the Internet through their wi-fi.
At the apartment, I can see a few "available" connections, but they are all password protected.

To answer Howard's inquiry, I think that, living out in Gretna, Louisiana, as he does, if he were to turn the device on in his room, he would be lucky to get maybe a few "available" connections, perhaps from the bar right next door to them, or from a nearby house where someone has their own router.

I think that Howard will have to get a router and then acquire the wi-fi signal through a cable company. His tablet is a Samsung which is worth about 40 dollars, and perhaps even less than that, now that the 6.0 "Marshmallow" Android operating system has replaced the 5.0 "Lollipop" one which is on Howard's device.

So, that's about all I will be able to tell Howard when I see him and hand him back the tablet that he got for Christmas. That, plus how to turn the thing on and navigate a few menus. I'm not sure exactly what he wants it for, maybe just looking up things online.

Not likely that he will ever use the camera, or the sound recorder.
I tested out the sound recorder and, after adjusting the input gain, was able to make a pretty decent recording of myself playing a couple songs.

I have saved it onto the hard drive of this Sacred Heart computer that I am on. If I make a few more, I'll save them, too.

While the quality is not up to today's standards, the thing sounds better than any AM radio broadcast, and as good as the best cassette recorders pre-1980's could muster.

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alex carter said...

And here's where you find out that tablets are utter shit. Nothing to do with it being Howard's, or what make or model it is, they're just shit.

If you look around on Craig's List I'm sure you can find a used laptop for not too much money, even trade guitar lessons or something for one.