Monday, December 5, 2016

Drive Be Gone

A Chicago shirt for Jen, and it's ready to go...
I'm waiting for the rain to stop on this Monday night.

I woke up at about 1:30 PM, having slept about 8 hours.

The harmonica and guitar strings still have not arrived in my mailbox. The website reports the status of the order as: "shipped." It was shipped 6 days ago now.

Last night, I was in the computer room until at least 9:37 PM, when I posted on this blog.
I left my jump drive in the computer.

This afternoon, I came back and mentioned it to someone, who told me that he had given it to Miss Jackson, the security guard who was working from 4 until midnight.

If the computer room is supposed to close at 8 PM, and I had delinquently left it at around 9:37 PM, and the jump drive was turned in to Miss Jackson, who leaves at midnight, then it stands to reason that the guy who turned it in had come here even after I had left.

It is suspected that he came in to watch porn, choosing a time when the room would be empty. He may very well have been waiting for me to leave. Seeing it in the computer, and not knowing what it was; he may have removed it, out of fear that it might have been a device which was some kind of lock which would prevent him from watching his porn, or would spy on his online activity somehow.

Miss Jackson put it in a pen and pencil holding canister on the desk in front of her, where it still should have been this afternoon when I asked about it.

She was surprised to see that it wasn't there, making the overnight guard who came in to replace her, a suspect.

There is something a little fishy about the overnight guard.

There wasn't much on the jump drive; I was using it to store the pictures of Jennifer and her daughter so I could print them out and then use them to draw off of.

A Jump To Conclusions

There are as many reasons that the overnight guard might have stolen the thing as there are overnight guards.

He is pretty openly gay and effeminate and has often told me how much he enjoys seeing me come out of my room, followed by Harold the cat, describing it as being "so cute" the way Harold follows me to the door, etc.

If he had seen it and popped it into his laptop, out of curiosity, and then wanted to capture the Photoshopped pictures of Harold the cat knocking over buildings, along with ones of myself with or without Harold, he could have just copied them, and left the drive where it was.

Surely he couldn't have thought that a 4 gigabyte drive is worth much money. But it's enclosed in a rubber outer casing which is shaped like a bear or some animal (I haven't looked that closely) and he might have thought that that was "cute" just had to have it. There is no telling what a gay guy might do.

He might be intending to use it in some kind of voodoo ritual. This is New Orleans...

As I have concluded before, almost every gay guy I have ever met has had something a little "off" about him.* A gay guy being a Kleptomaniac would not surprise me in the least; given their self-centered attitudes in general and "I just have to have it" mindsets.

The worst thing about having a jump drive stolen is having to rack your brain to remember what was on it (password to bank account, etc.) and lament the things that can't be replaced.

Having the harmonica that I ordered mysteriously missing in action made it cross my mind that one of the guards took it, but I wasn't seriously thinking that that was the case.

But the jump drive was placed in an area that only the overnight guard would have access to. And it was a cute little orange teddy bear shaped one; irresistibly cute. Makes me wonder...
I sounds like the rain has stopped outside.

I don't really feel like playing, using the old strings and old harmonicas.

I have 26 cents to my name, not counting a pile of pennies on my dresser. But, there is 160 bucks on my food card and i"m pretty well stocked up with things like oatmeal, honey, raisins, dates, coffee, apple juice and spring water.  Fascinating blog reading, that, eh? Does anyone want me to post a picture of the raisins?

I'm thinking of embarking on a juice fast, as that is basically all I have had so far today; even after having endured 10 days without food card money, and then "splurged" on one Monster Energy drink, a few dates, and a square of caramel; after the money came in at midnight, then it was off to bed.

Waking up in an angry frame of mind is a clue that a fast is in order...

I'm thinking of rewording the Craig's List ad to rent my couch again; making it clear that it is a roommate situation and that a 54 year old guy comes with the furniture.

I Wake Up Angry At Kay

I had the notion, after I woke up this morning, to fire off a text message to Kay, who had reserved the couch 6 weeks in advance and then reneged at the mention that she wouldn't get her own key.

I was going to text something like: "By the way, I never thanked you for tying up my couch for 6 weeks and then backing out at the last minute, without even a word of explanation or an apology; classless bitch!" I'm pretty sure she was a lesbian; they can be self centered, too, and not feel that they owed any man an apology; or anything else.

Drudgery Can Pay

I will have to see if a cup of coffee puts me in the mood to ride my bike for 15 minutes until I'm at the Lilly Pad.

If' I'm going to become lazy about busking like this, then I'll have to force myself to go to the labor pool and find 8 hour per day work that will put a lot more money in my pocket than this sporadic busking or compromising the sanctity of my dwelling has been doing.

I'm just not a workhorse type musician. I run on inspiration and a driving need to get a song "out there," when there is a song to get out there. Otherwise I feel like I can't possibly be entertaining anyone if not feeling it myself...

Although, I have seen a crowd of people cheering Tanya Huang and saying things like "That was amazing," and then observed Tanya to look over at Dorise with an expression that asks: "How much more of this drudgery?"

*One collected everything I Love Lucy, one was a Kleptomaniac, one had to watch Jeopardy every morning or would become very upset if he missed it; one would induce vomiting in himself after having had sex with a man, one would wash his hands 60 times a day, one had such an aversion to beans that he would vomit if he saw them, one with held my money from me when I was in jail despite my repeated calls to him pleading for it, etc. Quirks, tics, obsessions, fixations, compulsions. I'm not judging them; it's from having grown up in a society that shunned them, in large part; and the resultant defense mechanisms.

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