Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Back From Shopping


Having decided to stay in on this Tuesday night, I seem to have made some progress by using the word "refurbished" in my searches for laptops for sale.

This "hp" to the left is actually on sale for $129.

It is refurbished and is regularly more like $229.

I could buy one of these right now and still have over a hundred bucks on my card.

By the way, a lot of paths took me to ebay when surfing for refurbished laptops.

There is a company called Newegg whose ads keep popping up in response to my searches.

The fact that I seem to have found laptops that are being sold at half of their "retail" prices almost makes me want to spend as much money as I can, using even the 40 dollars that Rose and Ed are going to give me in less than an hour, in order to use that leverage to get the most computer. I have to remind myself of how arbitrary a figure the MSRP is on anything.
"It's only worth what someone is willing to pay for it," as my dad used to say.

There are Dell "Latitude" E6420 Core i5...need I say more...laptops that are tantalizingly priced right around the amount that would wipe me out. And, I'm almost out of toothpaste and toilet paper...

And would have me spending a lot of time in the coming weeks playing with it, rather than busking...
I would be putting on hold such things that I want for my business, such as a new and better spotlight, and perhaps a battery recharging kit, and of course strings and harmonicas and a capo...a method book, perhaps. Things that seem to make 187 dollar nights come somewhat more frequently...

I have a feeling that the deals that I found online today are not going to evaporate overnight.

I could just about replace my burned out laptop with a refurbished version of itself for about 200 bucks. That might be the happy medium. I would still have about 100 left over.

I would like to soak in a tub full of lavender bath salts and weigh the decision. I can take the cost of the salts out of the hundred that I would save if I went that route...
If I had to buy a laptop right this second, I would get the Dell Latitude to the right, which is 222 dollars and change, and is a lesser Latitude than the ones that they want 300 bucks for.

That would still leave me money for a music method book, new harmonica, strings, antenna for the TV, cheap vacuum cleaner.

I plan upon taking the hard drive out of the Latitude as soon as it arrives, and then popping in one from out of my old fried laptop.

I am hoping that it will boot up and think that it is the old laptop.

And not complain that its hardware has been changed.

I'm going to think seriously tonight about sending off for the $222 machine...maybe waiting only until I have the money from Rose and Ed in my hand...

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