Monday, January 16, 2017

Looking For A Group

Sunday Off For Football
Monday, Cashless But Well Stocked

Free Loading

I thought that I had slipped through the cracks, been the beneficiary of a computer glitch or an employee error when I had noticed that the American Express card was not having any fees taken out of it, even though it is stated in the fine print on the card that a five dollar "monthly fee" will be taken out.

Well, the monthly fee was taken out on the 15th of this month. The words: "No fees until 2017" ran through my mind, in the voice of a pitch man.

The 5 bucks came out the same day I ordered a new harmonica and I had come within $1.03 of not having had enough money for it on the card. But, I guess, from now on I will have to bear the onus of seeing 5 bucks disappear from my balance on the ides of every month.

They totally deserve the 5 bucks every month for the convenience that the card is.

The only thing that I use green, paper money for is green leafy pot, now.

I can put a cap on my spending on that particular medicine by putting most of my cash on the card.

This in not fail-safe, though; I could still buy a pack of cigarettes (or something) off the card and then trade it for weed to the dealer. This puts an extra hurdle in the way and is a deterrent to spending money on weed -the thought of winding up with an unwanted pack of menthol cigarettes because the dealer can't smoke 100's, or a cold beer that you don't drink because, by the time you came out of the store the dude was just gone...

"Which Camcorders Capture Best Audio?"

I'm looking for groups on Facebook under the heading of "home recording" and in other electronics related areas. I have joined a couple but my memberships are still "pending."

It is there that I might pose my questions about the feasibility of recording in one particular way that I have thought of; that being to basically take the audio off of a thing like Howard's tablet and then load it in to an Audacity type program where it can have all kinds of operations performed upon it.

It is really just a question of meeting a certain minimum sound quality level.

Back in the 80's, a cassette with metal tape in it that had been recorded using Dolby B® (and especially the "expanded" version of Dolby that came along later in the decade) was fine enough quality for me. The "noise" on the cassettes which CD technology came along and eliminated was something that you couldn't even hear, anyways, unless you cranked your volume all the way up during the silence between songs.

Plus, it might sound cool to have just the guitar, voice and harmonica in one ambient setting (my room) with the tell tale aural coloring of the built in tablet mic; and then have other stuff layered in with it in the studio. To me that's a very "Beatles Sgt. Pepper" approach to recording.

I've always liked songs like that, where the lead singer sings through a payphone, and its recorded off the receiver of another phone and that is used as the lead vocal track; mixed in the studio with live instruments and other vocals. 

Of course the above example would only be good for short stretches of vocals and would become grating pretty fast, no offense, Ma Bell.

A Warm Spell

It is Monday and after 9 PM.

If I'm going to busk, I will have to go directly to my room, pack up my stuff and then go.

Planning to be at the Lilly Pad by 10 PM, under a bright spotlight and smoking up the last little bit of cash that I had had on me upon getting out of bed at 4 PM.

The weather is "unseasonably" warm and a little humid. I would be foolish to pass up a chance to busk on a January 16th night when I can do it in temperatures 20 degrees above the average of 48 on this date in history.

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