Saturday, January 21, 2017

What Are You Doing Sitting On The Computer On A Saturday Night?

  • A Myth Debunked
  • Hoping Saturday Compensates For 30 Dollar Friday

I have returned from a local circuit with a can of "indoor" style cat food for Harold. Here I would like to point out an irony, which Harold illustrates nicely.

"Indoor" cat food is formulated with green things that a cat might eat while outdoors mixed in, giving it that grass flavor that housebound cats have no access to.

Since Harold spends so much time outdoors, one would think that I could skip getting the indoor formula; he has plenty of access to grass and whatever other greens might be out there.

But, the truth is that Harold just may love it outside so much just for the grass and the greens that are out there. One might surmise this upon seeing the gusto with which he inhales any of the "indoor" cat food formulas, with "garden greens" mixed in. So people, especially those of you reading this after the year 3000; just because a cat is not an indoor cat doesn't mean that he won't love food for indoor cats.

I picked up a 5 dollar bud of weed after having put 20 dollars on my prepaid card (the minimum) and then turned around and spent 2 something off of it in the same session.

The balance on it is $45.05 now.

I have just seen an article online, after searching for "phones that have the best audio recording quality," and found, among their top 10 picks, some of which cost as much as a mid range laptop, was a phone which I later found for sale at 84 dollars.

It has high quality stereo mics and a very fast "bitrate," sure to capture everything that a human ear would...

Of course, then I would be stuck using a mirror to shoot any videos, so that my mouth can be 9 inches from the high quality mic while my guitar is more like 24 inches, and the video will be more than my face from 9 inches away; I can appear further (distance from camera to mirror plus distance from self to mirror) away.

But, the truth is, I'm going to eventually want to load the videos into a computer and run some kind of editing software on it; adding hand claps or what have you to the music, and maybe even inserting other video clips into it so that it might show me in my room, playing and singing, reflected off a mirror, and then go to, I don't know, some stock footage from the Jim Jones massacre, anything to give it more meaning... a shot of a seagull floating in the air, during the harmonica solo...
Audio multi-tracking, built in effects, even drums...

I could actually record all the music, just with the audio studio, and then shoot a video of myself lip syncing along with it and playing air guitar, and then put the two together; they will surely run in exact step with one another...and it will sound like my voice was in top form that day and I was nailing every note on the guitar, even though I was playing it like it was nothing at all. And that the song was comparing this chick I once met to a seagull.

But, right now there is a break in the clouds and it should not rain again over the next 5 hours or so.
This gives me that amount of time to go out and busk.

I need to push myself out there, fight for my spot, try to come up with something more interesting on the A major harmonica than I did last night, and hopefully make some more money so I can visit Howard to watch football tomorrow in style; maybe even bearing the gift of a bag some kind of snack food; maybe try to broaden him by introducing him to Smartfood Cheddar flavor or something. Perhaps it might steer him towards a more healthy diet, should he like them enough to replace Cheetoz with them...

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alex carter said...

To answer your title question, it's the same reason I am, and most of "Silicon Valley" is. It's cold and wet and miserable outside, and even if it were nice, hardly anyone can afford to do much else than sit on their computers inside.

Begging, busking, hustling, going out and stealing stuff, etc., are some of the things that are actually affordable to do. So's prostituting, dealing in and taking drugs, or doing some shit like selling flowers or counterfeit sports jerseys. And now I've just explained a good half of the economy here.