Monday, February 6, 2017

I Have A Lot Of Ideas

$69 Saturday
Sunday Off For Superbowl

Lady Gaga was impressive to me from the perspective of someone who knows how much went into her "little" halftime performance.

My Answer to the Lady Gaga halftime show
She had more to worry about than 3 AAA batteries in her spotlight, and making her tiposaurus stand up.

I really became philosophical with myself, sitting there, when the Patriots were losing 28-3, telling myself, well, I guess they just won't win and it will be a year when they didn't win; and asking myself why I care and all that.

Then, they came back and won the game and it was very satisfying making all those negative voices in my head eat their words. "At least the stage is set for one of the greatest comebacks ever," I had thought to myself, while Gaga was on stage at the half with the Patriots down 21-3.
"It was very satisfying making all those negative voices in my head eat their words."
I had made 69 dollars Saturday night, most of it within a 25 minute span out of the 2 hours that I played.

I'm waiting for the laptop to arrive.

I'm praying that I have learned an awful lot about music in the past year, especially about how a musician should be able to play a song and sing it at the same time and make it mesh. Rather than recording the guitar while imagining the singer; and then singing over what then is barely better than a karaoke track.

I have also learned how annoying certain frequency ranges are in recordings and how an excess of reverberation while, initially giving the impression that the singer sounds as good as she does in the shower, also grates on the listener in short order, like after a 15 minute shower, tops.

So, I look forward to doing something creative. I have been pretty avidly using Google to look up every little thing that I think of.

I should be able to get the right software to make videos. I have a lot of ideas.

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