Thursday, February 2, 2017

The Cookie Is In The Oven

"I'm saying Patriots 38, Falcons 24..."
OK, it is Thursday night and I have spent the money on the laptop and I really should go out and play, even though I don't feel like it this exact second. I need to check out spotlights and a new harmonica, perhaps my first one from the over $30 price range in a while, one of those "do yourself a favor and spend the extra 20 bucks," models of harmonicas.
Sunday, I am planning upon being at Howard's as early as possible to hang out and then ultimately watch the Superbowl 51.
$188 Lenovo Thinkpad Sent For
54 Hours Before Food Card Charged
72 Hours Before Superbowl 51 Kickoff

The sun is setting on this Thursday afternoon.

One more day of healing...
I woke up the final time at around 3 PM, after having woken up at around 1:30 PM (as is my habit, perhaps tied to the sun being at its apogee around that time) and gone back to sleep.

I finally went ahead and clicked $188 out of my account for a laptop late last night.

I had narrowed my search down to three brands, HP, Lenovo and Dell, and then found that, after comparing features on ones with similar price tags, the sum of their parts was equal, with individual machines having compromised one component in order to beef up another; accept a much smaller screen and you might get a faster processor, type of thing.

So, what I had going for me was that I plan upon getting a docking station so that I can attach the 500 Gig hard drive from the old machine, an use it as an additional volume of storage. Thus, I was able to focus upon machines with smaller hard drives that compensated for that by being better in other areas. Especially the screen size. There is no use in me having to squint at a small screen when it is going to be sitting on a desk most of the time, and I won't have to worry about bumping the guy in the seat next to me on the bus with a big clunky screen.

I was actually looking for a nice machine that was reduced in price because it was "missing hard drive," that I could snap my old drive into and perhaps proceed without missing a beat, after about a year without a laptop.

So, after deciding that the $153 Lenovo Thinkpad would suit my needs, I bought an almost identical in specifications one that was from the same dealer, who wanted $188 for it.

I just imagined the guy, who has all these laptops that he refurbishes and sells, either having reduced the one to $153 because of some issue, or of having priced the other at $188 because it was at least "kind of" nice in some way.

It's almost like I'm banking upon the guy who is in the refurbishing business, has seen all kinds of laptops and knows the things inside and out, to use his wisdom and experience in order to set the price of a machine, after assessing its worth. I also know that, since he has hundreds of such computers for sale, he probably hasn't marked them up too exorbitantly, because laptopgod88 (with an approval rating of 99.8%) is ready to sell you one for 5% less.
Where are, like, their phones?

Plus, the $187 dollar Friday night that I had last week, which seems like a dream now; and matches the cost of a new machine almost to the dollar, is a good enough clue that the universe has provided me with a new laptop. That would fulfill the promise to "buy something nice for yourself, don't just blow it."

Now, I can get toothpaste, bath salts, an antenna for the TV that Howard gave me (hard to believe I could be watching some Seinfeld episode for the first time in my life just a few hours from now) a little vacuum cleaner, a better lock for my bike, a replacement woofer for the one the cat tore up; potting soil, materials for building a sound dampener, probably based upon using towels, etc....

I'm going to the library, now, to try to get a book either on "Thinkpads for Dummies" or one of the Linux manuals that comes with a disk included that you can load that particular flavor of Linux onto your machine with.

I figure that, in the week or so that I'm waiting for the Thinkpad to arrive, I can arm myself with as much knowledge as I can about the thing.

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