Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Explorer Don't Fail Me Now

United States
Just a quick post...(my page views for the past month, above)

I'm using a Sacred Heart computer room machine, and I am realizing how fortunate I am to have my own laptop. I had to reboot the thing, and then upgrade Firefox; 20 minutes later, here I am...

There are big things in the works.

I am making progress with the One Shot video editor.

If I record something in Audacity at 120 beats per minute, then I can do a dummy version of a song at that exact speed and then just synchronize the two.

In places where I have a lip synch moment, where you can tell that I'm lip synching; no problem, the frame fades out and fades back in to a still shot, or something.

As long as every video clip of myself has me moving at the rate of 120 beats per minute, I'll be able to do something with it.

The video I made this evening had me laughing my ass off; and I haven't even learned a tenth of what the One Shot editor can do..

I'm studying XML, Perl programming, Python Programming, the Mel Bay books, Open Shot video editor, how to optimize this blog, and the GIMP graphics and photo editor...

The video making is off to a flying start; I just need to brainstorm on musical ideas that have a counterpart in video...

The GIMP Editor; a little slower learning curve, so far (see below)


alex carter said...

Are you sure it's called the "One Shot Video Editor"? Because when I do a search on it I get "Open Shot Video Editor" which BTW seems like a well-regarded program.

I'm up against a barrier, in that in my experience so far, it takes me 1 hour per 1 minute of video to upload video onto YouTube.

This frankly saddens me quite a bit, because I've had the idea that I'd start doing videos of stuff around San Jose, some of the weird stuff that's around here, because for a boring town it still has *some* interesting things, and it'd be good practice for my ultimate plan, to move to Israel and do the same thing there. There's actually a living to be made on YouTube. There used to be a living to be made on a good blog, but it's all gone to either YouTube, or to "podcasts" which are like a radio show - it's audio. People like to watch YouTube, and they like podcasts because they can listen to them in the car. I'd like to go with YouTube because once I've learned - if I ever do - the dark art of posting on there, I'm not gonna learn another set of black magic spells just to do a spoken word thing. If I just wanna do sound, I'll point the camera at something and talk, on YouTube.

There are people making livings doing this! Look up "Nomadic Fanatic", "h3h3", and the guy who smashes things in a hydraulic press. Pretty crazy. From what I've been able to weasel out, people get a dollar per thousand views, but the few I've been able to get to let loose any info, tell me they're making more than that.

I'm a nut for videos about Israel and Tel Aviv in particular, seeing as I plan to move there eventually, and they all tend to be the same old pabulum. "Oh, look, we're having shashuka - look at that big pan of shakshuka!". "Oh, look, we're having hummus pitas, look at all the various toppings". "Oh, look, we're at HaCarmel shuk, look at all the used shirts and cheapo made-in-china tourist crap" LOL. I'm glad those videos are there, but I'd like to do stuff that goes below the surface a bit, interview the guy running the stand, how did he end up there? Etc.

But that damn 1 hour per 1 minute barrier has me stumped.

alex carter said...

Wait a minute! I'm the one who read it wrong, it IS "Open Shot" video editor.

I have to actually do useful things these next few days, but on the weekend I should download the "Open Shot" video program and see what I can figure out. Maybe I'll do a thrilling video on how to solder a PL-259 connector.