Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Wow, It's 3:30 Already

  • Tuesday Night Off
  • Pressed For Time

I decided not to go out on this Tuesday night, because I had so much to do, on what could be a night off, that it would just distract me when I was out there, and would pile up even more so that, when the weekend rolled around, I would be anxiously waiting for a couple nights off to catch up.
That being said. I am struggling with the new laptop and the Ubuntu operating system.
Earlier, I couldn't get any photos to load off the web. It turned out that I had enabled one of the many "extentions" to my browser and it had flash, or javascript, or cookies, or Java or something disabled.
I'm reading a book about XML.
I have a ton of music to go with the sheet music in the Sheet Music magazines that I have a small stack of -lots of "standards" in those things.
I am working on the Mel Bay books, the harmonica book.
Am needing one good night to throw another 20 on my plastic card so I can order a new harmonica.
I sure am one pressed-for-time unemployed guy...

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alex carter said...

I suggest, if you're buying things online now (which I've been doing a lot of too) you look into harmonicas that you can buy new "reed plates" for like the Lee Oskars.

Some people like the sound of the Lee Oskars and some don't, but one nice thing about them is they're modular, so you can buy a Lee Oskar harmonica or three, and then just buy new reed plates, buy reed plates in unusual tunings, etc., and install those when your reed plate gets too many stuck reeds.

Also, being easy to take apart, you can gradually learn to fix stuck reeds; there's plenty of info online, often it just means taking an old fashioned "safety razor" blade (because they're very thin) and using that to free up the reed.

You can save a *lot* of money this way; kind of like the guy who has an old VW Bug, and a spare VW Bug or two, but knows how to take 'em all apart and has, and thus is never without a functioning ride.