Sunday, April 2, 2017

126 Dollar Friday

I am sitting here on this Saturday morning, still up from a weird Friday night.

Very rarely have I felt so disposed to having a bad night, as I did last night, when I had already prepared myself mentally for a ride back to the apartment with no more money in my pocket.

The medicinal weed contributes in the induction of this paranoia, insecurity, and dread.
It begins with walking out of the door. Do I want to be outside, like Harold the cat, or do I have to go outside...?

I had tried to sleep at 7:30 PM, setting my alarm an hour ahead and trying to fall into the deepest relaxation, picturing myself in combat fatigues on a battlefield knowing that the next hour of rest might be all that I would get for the day...

I was just telling someone about how it was good that Sacred Heart Apartments are inhabited by about half veterans, explaining that the basic training, up at 4 AM, bunk made by 4:04 AM, being able to take orders without taking them personally, etc. stuck with a person to some degree for the rest of his life.

Either that, or the people who are able to make it through basic training, have it in their constitution to push themselves a bit and are unwilling to back down from challenges by nature. It's a chicken and egg thing. Does a person with a modicum of self discipline and fortitude make it through basic training, or does basic training make a person that way. Maybe a combination of the two. But, I was remarking that the veterans in the apartment building are just more prone to be self sufficient (i.e. not skeezers).

I started playing at 11:40, after having finally left the apartment, after having lied there, trying to let my body decide if it was going to fall asleep or not. I was prepared to take the Friday night off. I have a new harmonica and strings on the way and they might just arrive today (Saturday).

Yes, I was teetering upon taking what turned out to be a $126 Friday night, off.

I got a 100 dollar tip from a guy who hung out and listened for about a half hour.

It was a bit after 2 AM when I knocked off, bought cat food, coffee, Reeses Dark cups, then a 50 cent lottery ticket and a 7 dollar and 48 cent pack of American Spirit organic cigarettes, before hitting the Walgreen's for a Monster Energy drink and a half gallon of cranberry grape 100% juice, leaving another $6.88 in the register.

I made it home with 110 bucks left over, plus the 2 dollar bill that I had started my jar out with...

I am just going to sleep; and then see about going out to play tonight.

I need spotlight batteries, I owe the weed guy money, am out of bath salts, and could use a few things like a vacuum cleaner, and stuff. Harlod the cat has a 2 can per day eating habit now. The cheapest that I can furnish that is with two cans of the three for a dollar stuff. He actually likes the salmon and chicken flavor....

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Daniel McKenna said...

This is a test comment; I am using the Sacred Heart Apartments computer network, running Firefox.
If this comments posts then I have isolated the problem to my laptop; perhaps the Firefox program on my laptop which I might have to re-install rather than just update...