Friday, April 7, 2017

Blog Becoming Prosaic

33 Dollar Wednesday
44 Dollar Thursday
$18/hr. average maintained
I have just went and gotten food...

I will very soon have read a book on "search engine optimization," and will have increased traffic to this blog, and will in turn develop other skills to make it more interesting.
This is probably going to involve making this blog look better and/or function better on mobile devices.
It's the person standing at the bus stop who has time to listen to a 3 minute song that I posted on the blog, whom I have to cater to, as blog consumption is moving in that direction. ..

To the tune of 35 bucks worth, or what should last 5 days, but items like instant coffee, honey and a 4 pack of Monster Energy drinks were almost half of what I spent. The coffee will last about 10 days, the honey about 7 and the Monsters will be gone by the end of tonight (Wednesday) should I go out and play.

I got 2 cannisters of raisins because they were 4 bucks, whereas one of them would have been 2.99. And I got 2 48 ounce bottles of grape juice because they were 5 bucks, whereas one would have been $2.99.

The danger in stocking up on groceries is in going on an eating binge and wiping out a half month's worth of food on one gluttonous occasion.

Baking a whole chicken, eating some of it and refrigerating the rest, only to return in the middle of the night to unearth it and dig in again, leaving only bones in your wake this time, is the danger of buying the whole chicken because it was just a couple bucks more than a breast alone; when the outcome is that a couple bucks more is spent on your meal that day.

Being a bit underweight, I can rationalize that I could use a whole chicken, the same way that put to use any sleep that I might get when I could be out playing.

There is the French Quarter Fest set to begin in a couple days. I have a good track record of doing well during that Festival. People come to hear some big time acts, like Stevie Wonder, and so they arrive from greater distances and aren't as jaded as the people from surrounding cities that come here a few times a year. And, the "Fest" is not cheap. It runs for a few days and I think a ticket is around $250 for the full package, so there are people with money; but, whether or not the above factor in at all, I personally have had pretty good nights during the French Quarter Fest, for whatever reason.

The new Suzuki Folkmaster harmonica in the key of G came today, along with a set of strings.

I'm going to break the thing in through the recording of music with it; trying to capture those pristine notes that come from the factory and remain in the harp until such a time that a player gets carried away, feeding off the energy of a live audience and bends the hell out of a note at a high volume.

I haven't had a key of G harp in a long time.

The G harp has just one "sharp" in its key signature, with that being a difference between it and the C major harp, but the real matter is in where the notes that can be bent fall, which are worlds apart on the two harps.

I feel like there are tourists showing up at the Lilly Pad on these nights that I take off, hoping to find me there. Like the couple of guys who have shown up two years in a row, asking me to make up a song with the names of a certain few of their friends in it, and who have tipped me 50 bucks, two years running. It seems like about a year since I last saw them, and it gives me anxiety on a night that I'm taking off to imagine them coming by the Lilly Pad.

Realistically, though, if I weren't there on a Tuesday night (like tonight) they would most likely look for me again closer to the weekend, as they could easily surmise that that is when I would be there, if I still play the spot.

I guess I might try to get a little bit of sleep while there is still some night time left, as it would be inconsiderate to try to make a rock and roll recording in these wee hours.

If I burn my music onto DVDs instead of CDs, I could include some videos, I'm thinking; would just need some DVD-RW discs.

I'm really dying to get my hands on a stable video editor. I'm going to give Oneshot one more shot by uninstalling it (and removing all its configuration and other related files) and then downloading the latest version from their website, to go with the latest Linux kernel that I have just downloaded today.

I feel like this blog becomes rather prosaic when I talk about computer stuff, like why don't I just post up a screen showing the output from my error log file, so all my readers can see that there was a segmentation fault at memory address 0x005A2B?

You've just read: 860 words. POWERED BY ↁ DANIEL-SOFT TEXT SOLUTIONS ↁ

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alex carter said...

It's only that computer stuff is boring, useless, and counterproductive. Any time wasted messing around with computers is time you're not out busking.

And, I'd work on making CD's first before trying DVD's.