Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Oh, Yeah

I'm sorry,Graph of most popular countries among blog viewers I just can't filter my blog title ideas according to how likely they are to lead people to this site.

How's the above for a lousy title. Who in hell is going to Google: "Oh, Yeah" and see this near the top of the results? LOL!
Home Recording Studio
The SEO book is somewhere in the clutter

I'm dragging my butt going through the SEO "Step-by-Step" book.

I'll go so far as modifying this blog to fit the mobile phone consuming public's needs, I guess.

There is a link to the Google site for testing, I guess to see how your blog looks to the i-phone set, out there. I have already been told by one person, Brian Hudson, the singer-songwriter as a matter of fact, that this blog looks like a fossil dug up from back when people would read blog posts off of tablets. Chiseled tablets (*rimshot).

I realize that it doesn't have things jumping around or doing tricks, like starting as a tiny dot in the middle of the screen and then spinning and enlarging until coming to a stop upright and full size, ready for reading action.

That functionality, I am pretty sure, is a click away by using newly fashioned templates that come with Blogger and which are aimed specifically at catering to that 73% of all blog visitors who do so by cellphone. I'll find out soon; the book is waiting on my couch for me.

The idea I have, though, is to show a grave and then the dirt shifting and myself coming coming up through the dirt, playing a guitar; something like that; with the title "banner" for the blog superimposed in semi transparent rendering..

The blog is going to look darned good on a cellphone; it will just appear in a 3 by 5 inch window on everything else, like a desktop. Hey, I have to keep pace with things; just call that one of the growing pains.

So, I have for now moved my studio to the room above and to the right.

The closet shown to the right, I am about to stuff with pillows and comforters and then nestle the Snowball micropone into, which will create a vocal recording chamber out of the closet.

I want to lay the table down for additional sound blocking, but would have to move the chess board (easy enough) and then deal with the 4 completed and glued together and intended for use as wall hangings jigsaw puzzles under the chess board.

The closet is fitted with metal shelving which is screwed in pretty well. This actually facilitates my stuffing the closet with pillows and such, as, otherwise I would have to have figured out a way to keep them all stuffed above and around the microphone, but not coming down on the head of someone singing through it.
Home Music Studio
 Left: Like Abbey Road, 'cept you can't really yell as loud as Paul McCartney did on "Oh, Darling," from the eponymous album recorded there.

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alex carter said...

A good part of the "user experience" of your page is going to hinge on whether Blogger has a good mobile app, and I'd be very surprised if they didn't. But yes good page design is good.