Monday, May 15, 2017

No Time To Read About Skeezers Right Now

  • 30 Dollars Thursday
  • 58 Dollars Friday
  • 53 Dollars Saturday

I found 11 bucks stashed in the pocket where I keep my new guitar slide, Friday morning, after having lend Ed the 10 bucks. It was like getting it back immediately, in a way.

He never came and repaid me "the next day at the latest," and so, when Rose called earlier this (Sunday) evening, I told her that I had put all my cash on the green card.

I have to back them off a bit. It would have been nice to double the 30 bucks that she wanted over the next 16 days, but, they are so predictable that I can foresee them doing the same thing that played out last month.

I decided that I would rather get some new sneakers and a grow light for my houseplants which otherwise see direct sunlight only 4 months out of the year; etc., and I don't want to wait until June 1st, after they pay me back to get those things.

I'm trying to get through the XML programming book, and tonight would be a great time to knock out a few chapters and then try to digest them....

I called to wish my mom a happy Mother's Day, but only having had a notion to call her for some other reason before I had been reminded that it was indeed that holiday by overhearing someone...
I got her voice mail and the inbox was full, just as it had been the last time I called and got the machine...
It's a land line phone with an old fashioned tape message style answering machine...I'm not even sure that it will indicate that she had missed a call from my number; but she might read this and know that I tried to call...

That's if she gets past the Rose and Ed update before hitting the back button, LOL! ...I guess he's alive that's good, no time to read about skeezers right now...

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  1. You'd be better off just writing your mom a letter once in a while, and include some of your artwork. And the URL of this site so she can keep up with your antics.

    As for a "cat whistle" I'm thinking a dog whistle should do it, but instead I'm willing to bet there's some kind of electronic dog-signaler these days, that you can get online or from a place like Pet Smart, since there's a lot of interest in dog training these days.


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