Thursday, July 6, 2017

Escape From NOLA

I need to escape from here; like the "old time" bands do, during the summer.
So little to show, lately...

They will be here making good money around Mardi Gras and a few other times, but they come back with stories about making a killing in Golden, Colorado, or Gatlinburg, Tennessee, or Burlington Vermont, during the summer.

I feel, after having had another 4 dollar night, that I might just have to take Rose and Ed up on their offer to bring me with them to the plasma donation place, where I can bleed out, right alongside Ed, and then use the 50 or 80 bucks as a launching pad, setting me in motion as a busker in any other city than this one.
I'm going out with rusty old strings and harmonicas that each have a note or two that are off a bit, and with batteries that are dimming in my spotlight...
And, the thing is; it's like I never saw it coming.

I kind of knew that I was hovering somewhere within 3 or 4 bad nights of being broke, but hadn't had such a run of bad luck in so long that I kind of overlooked things. I had been concentrating so hard on my music that I typically didn't even notice the tip jar filling up; and was pleasantly surprised to see money and wonder where it came from; that was before...

Recently, I have been concentrating so hard on my music that I haven't been noticing the tip jar's being totally neglected.

This is headed towards me sitting in the dark and wiping my ass with newspaper and riding over to the Rebuild Center each morning to eat with the homeless...
Or, I brace myself, steel my nerves, and get to the "next" city; be it Mobile, Alabama or Savannah, Georgia.

I have gleaned from Colin, my friend who travels extensively, that it is common to have made 80 or 100 dollars in a lot of places before a nice officer comes along to inform you that you must have a permit to do what you have been doing the past couple hours, type of thing....

You're not going to be their problem tomorrow night, because you're just traveling through, right?

I might avoid Mobile, because of the trouble with the cops that I had there, and the fact that familiarity, with regards to them, might breed contempt.

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  1. You need to become an "odd job Bob" - just go around and do stuff like take out the trash, sweep/mop the floor, etc for small shops. They're all manned by peons making minimum wage, but peons are not good with their money and there's always something they hate doing that they'll pay you a few bucks to do, and by going from shop to shop you can amass a fair amount of money at the end of the day. Source: I used to hang out in the antique shops in Gilroy quite a bit and they had one guy who'd come by and do the floor, and another who'd do windows, etc.


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