Sunday, July 23, 2017

Harmonica And String Money Materializes

Sundays Die Down Earlier
It is Sunday and time to go out and busk.
After I order a harmonica and a set of strings from
A 35 Dollar Saturday night made that possible.
It followed a 5 dollar Friday night that had me ready to quit busking entirely, and seek employment through an agency down the street and maybe sell some of my blood plasma.
I'm still going out to play tonight, because I'm in the mood to, and because 35 bucks catches me up a bit, but I'm probably going to break a string tonight and will be taking a couple nights off while waiting for the strings to get here, and the harmonica.
I am resigned to the fact that Suzuki "Folkmaster" harmonicas are good enough for me; and that the difference that a 40 dollar harp would make would be mostly in its playability; which translates into; buy the cheap harp and just work a little harder to finesse the notes out of it.
A 12 dollar harp and a $2.50 set of strings; coming up.


alex carter said...

I seem to be settling in on a Friday-Saturday-Sunday schedule, and the past two weekends have been $60 a weekend. This weekend though, I just did Friday-Saturday and made $56, not going out tonight. I might go out Wednesday night though.

alex carter said...

I have to comment on here to write in my blog, so we have a glimpse of how Blogspot works.

alex carter said...

Is there a way you can get a "wifi booster" and get into some free wifi that's around your apartment? I sure understand not wanting to use the computer room.

Daniel McKenna said...

I don't think anyone in the bldg. would let me use their wi fi because I'm into "computer stuff," and unlike Fred who sits and plays games online all day every day; I'm liable to use their identity to hack computer systems (like I did to throw that election last year) "Who knows what he could do with that password..." would be their rhetorical question