Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Laptop on fritz

 Doing this on my phoneand n
well the laptop keeps trying to restart itself might be the power adapter

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  1. Yep sounds like a dodgy connection in either the adaptor itself (easy to buy a spare from a thrift store, use computer/computer repair place, or online) or worse, the connector in the computer that the wall-wart plugs into.

    I'm worried about the connector on this machine because it feels loose, but I've wiggle it around and it seems to be OK - now I just pull the connector directly in/out with no side motion. I think this, being an ex-corporate laptop, was made the way I'd do it; with the connector soldered to the board but the actual connections being wires, possibly stress-isolated, to the actual connections.

    But this tech-minutia doesn't help you. What you need to do unless the laptop is better replaced anyway, is to just see if one of your local computer repair places will open it up and re-solder the connector for a few bucks. An honest place might be happy to do it for $20 cash.


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