Howard Westra Bio

Howard Westra, I met after the Occupy New Orleans protest had encroached upon Duncan Plaza.
The whole park was strewn with tents, both make-shift and store bought.
Howard sat by a tree and read for hours per day.
He could finish a complete novel and then start another one in the same day.
We became friends; after I realized that he is hard of hearing and not mentally challenged; and after I brought to him a Styrofoam of some excellent restaurant food late one night; which he devoured.
He then told me that I could store my sleeping bag in his tent during the days; which led to us having several "intelligent" conversations.
When we both became disillusioned with New Orleans (myself, due to the slowness of the summer season; Howard because they were talking about kicking the Occupy New Orleans group out of the park) we became travelling partners and had many adventures in Mobile, Alabama and in Baton Rouge, Louisianna which are documented in this blog.

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