Monday, June 29, 2009

And Now, Henry Black

Henry Black, age 72 and only 3 hours out of jail yesterday, was found dead yesterday, in a spot where he sleeps often.
Henry was a friend, and the guy mentioned in the "lost blog" a few times. He would sit and listen to music by Larry or myself, drinking, and eventually passing out at the foot of the musician. He was old enough to remember the "Old South" and all that culture back then, down here, and as such, had an interesting perspective on life.
The first time I saw Henry, he was using his cane to retrieve coins from out of a wishing-well type of fountain, one of many in this Oldest City. I remember handing him 50 cents and telling him, "you don't even have to dry these off."
Henry sat next to me a few times and was very appreciative of the music, and for my part, I found it really easy to relax and do music that was bizarre and funny, knowing that Henry practically laughed "at everything."
Henry will be missed, especially by Larry, who, though he wouldn't perhaps admit it, liked Henry and "put up with him" a lot.
By the end of yesterday, there were a bunch of cards and flowers laid by the porch and secret (wink wink) spot, where Henry has slept many times.

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