Tuesday, June 29, 2010

No More Debby Ryan

I have finally developed the film in my disposable camera, and on it are actual pictures of the reclusive and camera shy Karrie.
I had been using pictures of Debby Ryan (above,) of Radio Disney fame, as a surrogate, after browsing the results of a Google search for "Latina girl," and choosing the nearest match, in my opinion, to Karrie, which I could find in less than 30 minutes. Karrie commented upon seeing her photo "I used to look like that." So, kiss Debby Ryan goodbye, and meet my angel, Karrie!
Strange, the way the picture of Jesus reflected the light of the flashbulb, or is it being illuminated by some other-worldly glow, emanating off of Karrie's countenance? Is that why she doesn't allow pictures to be taken of her. I snuck this one, when she was laughing so hard that she closed her eyes. She was LOL, for sure!

Sleeping Karrie
This picture was taken behind the tattoo place in Mandarin, where Karrie and I would wash up sometimes. Their sink has hot water.
Karrie fell asleep that afternoon, her hair still wet, and in her heart, a new found respect for a new beverage, which was only $1.39 per 24oz. can, for, this was also the day that we tried that new beverage, which is called "Earthquake Lager."
Earthquake Lager boasts a 12% alcohol content.
The two dollars were left in Karrie's shoe, in case she desired an aftershock, upon waking. I left her there, so I could go off and play. I felt that she was safe, because one scream would bring men armed with tattoo guns to her immediate rescue.

This one was taken at the ramp, by the hospital, where, I played on one side, and Karrie "flew" her sign on the other. She looks like she is brimming with love, even though I think this was a day when she made only 2 dollars.

I had made about 40 that day, as I recall, and had probably just assured her that we would be alright, and that I still loved her, even though she made only 2 dollars...I actually miss the mutual struggle which we went through, with her rising up one day, and I on another, so that we complemented each other, unfailingly.

I cropped the picture, to cut out most of the scars on her arms and hands, from when she was almost burned alive, as an infant. Visible though, is the scar on her cheek, a result of a knife attack. This occurred during a scuffle which stemmed from something involving Karrie's man at the time.
I'd like to think that she would go to battle for me, also.

I think I was upset with Karrie (left) and this was probably the night of one of our arguments over one of us eating all of our food.

One More Before Lunch
I thought the above (right) one was sweet, though she may have been a little "tipsy" at the time of its taking.
It's raining cats and dogs on Mobile right now.
Suddenly, a plate of something with coleslaw, doesn't seem so important.

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