Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Everything Is Moving, But Much Too Slowly

The Labor Pool
(Not Far from The Coffee Club [left])
I decided, as 9pm. came around last night, and I had hardly made diddly squat, to forego playing at the open mic night at The Garage, so I could set my alarm for 4:30am., in order to go to the Labor Pool.

After a fitful night of sleep, I answered the beeping of my cheap alarm clock, got up, and walked over to the place.

I was the 4th person to sign in on the sign-in sheet. I sat and read a book, and waited to see if I could have the priviledge of toiling in the hot sun for 7 dollars per hour. Soon, my friend, Don, who plays guitar, showed up. He had told me that he was getting 2 or 3 jobs per week out of the place. Then, I slept for 2 hours, with my head against the wall. I woke up just in time for The Coffee Club. I had waited two and a half hours, and so had Don. Neither one of us were on our way to toil in the sun for 7 dollars per hour. I left, to go have breakfast.

Returning to the labor pool, I continued to read. Don and I waited until lunchtime at 15 Place, when we gave up on waiting for jobs, and went to eat.

I am out of money, and out of cigarettes. I am trying to quit smoking, and wonder what I need money for, anyways.

My food card arrived at 15 Place. They will send the pin number tomorrow or the next day, so as to separate it from the card, in case it were to have fallen into the wrong hands. A lot of the hands that I see on people at 15 Place have something "wrong" looking about them.

Dr. Christopher's 3 Day Fast And Cleanse (and mucous free diet.)

Once I get my card and pin, I have decided to embark upon a fast (and cleanse,) which will last up to 15 days; probably more like 10, or until the desire to smoke and drink, or eat mucous forming foods, receeds. I did my first 3 day fast, back in 1989, guided by Dr. Christopher's book.
I plan upon sitting in the graveyard a lot. I will have 3 gallons of apple juice per day, for the first 3 days. Then, just spring water for the next (9?) or so, supplemented by "natural" vitamins, in the form of honey and applecider vinegar, wheat germ oil, molasses, and cayenne pepper.
I have never felt better in my life than the times when I reached the 5th day or so, and had not a care in the world, not even for food.

The library said that they will issue me a card, even though my "residence" is a day center. This will help me to obtain materials to read and study. I plan upon meditating, and doing crossword puzzles, writing songs, learning new ones, and anything else which a clear mind is conducive to.

New Orleans

I am doing this fast for a few reasons. One of which is to help me contemplate my trip to New Orleans upon a freight train.
I have met a hobo, who is a veteran of that particular trip. He wants to go back there, but doesn't like to ride alone. He has assured me that I will fall in love with the French Quarter, and The Moonwalk, and will make triple the money playing music than I am here. It only takes 5 hours on the train, and, coming back to Mobile could be done on a whim, if I should ever choose to do so.

I have been advised against going there by Porsha, but it seems that the stars are aligning for a trip there. Porsha called it "sin city."

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