Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Big Clock

Last night, after seeing the same old lack of traffic at the spot where I like to play, I decided to go and play a new spot.
I had seen a photo of downtown Mobile on Photobucket, which was taken on Royal Street, by the big clock. I chose to sit by the big clock to play.
I needed a light, after my lighter had broken that morning, because someone was praying for me in my effort to quit smoking.
I went over in front of Serda's Coffee, where a group of teenagers were milling about, on their bluetooths and blackberries, tweeting and twitting away. I asked for a light,and one girl, who was hideously tattooed snapped, "No!"
I was turning to ask someone else, and noticed that none of them were giving any indication of wanting to give me a light. They were all smoking.
Finally, the hideously tattooed girl passed me her lighter. It was one of the small Bics. I told her that, for a little bit more money, she could have gotten the big Bic, which is more than twice the lighter of the small one. She ignored me.
I went back to my spot by the big clock, and started to play. I was fuming over the punks and almost started to compose a song about them, ripping them in every way that I could think of.
My cigarette went out. This is very rare, cigarettes usually burn down to nothing, especially when you become busy with something and leave them unattended for what seems like a short time.
I got a light from a passerby and explained that I thought that the hideously tattooed girl was a witch, who was making my cigarettes go out.
I eventually calmed down, after a group of black girls came by and took turns posing next to me for pictures, and then left me 5 bucks. Another guy threw a dollar. I had enough to show up at the labor pool and at least be able to buy a soda. I went to sleep.
Tonight is the Songwriter's Open Mic at Serda's. I will probably attend,and try to do The Bum Suite.
I need to go practice up. In fact, I need to spend a lot more time honing my craft, and less time facebooking and blogging...

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