Thursday, July 15, 2010

What's Shaking In Mobile

Earthquake Lager
The drink which is cheap and even stronger than Steel Reserve, is now on sale here in Mobile. Note to Karrie: Mobile has something to offer.
First 20 Dollar Tip
I woke up with $4.20. I spent money on an Earthquake, and then went to the library.
Leaving the library when the clock on the computer read 3:38pm, I walked briskly to The Salvation Army, only to discover that the clock on the computer had been slow, and I had missed the meal. I consoled myself with another Earthquake High Gravity Lager.
I then went into town to play music. There were not too many people milling about, and, out of frustration over this realization, I went right out on the median of Water Street to play the off ramp.
I played the ramp for a little while, motivated by disgust over the lack of foot traffic in the downtown area. It was good for about 5 bucks, and, more importantly, reaffirmed my belief that I can always get a few bucks, if necessary, by going out on the ramp. I had lost my sign, which read "Thanks 4 Stimulating the Economy," and noticed that someone had stolen my markers, out of the side pockets of my backpack.
It is important not to leave anything visible to people of a certain mindset. If they see something, then they are at a loss to control their impulses to steal it. Out of sight, out of mind, applies here. Sign "fliers" have a need for markers and the one's that I've met won't take even one beer's worth of their money out to buy one.
I took my 5 bucks and then went to the corner, right next to Serda's Coffee, where the big clock is. I was playing and watching the big clock for the right time to go into Serda's and play the open mic night.
I worked on my latest song "You Must Be Getting What You Want," which is about Karrie and involves the fact that she hasn't contacted me at all in 5 weeks. She must have found a way to live comfortably drunk and cuddle up with someone nightly.
A few people threw me dollars. The spot is in between the swankest hotels, and amongst some of the finer eateries in town, and Serda's Coffee, too, of course. A man threw 20 bucks on top of the 5 one's, while I was focusing upon the song and trying to create lyrics. Maybe he knows someone like Karrie.
This was the second 20 dollar tip that I have gotten in Mobile. I have gotten one 10.
Songwriter's Open Mic Night, Whooo!
I was happy to go into Serda's with enough money that I didn't have to ask them for a free coffee for the third consecutive week. Wednesdays turn out that way...
I splurged on one of their cheapest expensive beers, which was $2.50. Take note, Dave Veautour. It was called "Flying Dog," and was extremely delicious, compared to Earthquake High Gravity Lager.
It also made me (note the distorted thinking of the alcoholic) it made me play fantastically. Though, I forgot a percentage of the lyrics, I flew (like a dog) through, "You Must Be Getting What You Want," "The Bum Suite," then improvised a little blues, then did an extended version of "Hubert's Trip," which I had written in 1989, and hadn't played more than 4 times since then. I remembered half of the original lyrics, and added some on the fly(ing Dog), especially one about how Hubert "goes to Mobile," and sees a guy in a coffee shop; singing about the trip he is on'
It got nice applause, and even some people going "Whooo!"
U-Tube For Me, Too
I was pretty pleased, myself and will have to write down the newly crafted lyrics, before I forget them and have to go up there butt naked again and improvise.
One guy said that he was going to bring some device next week (I think it was a "G3," or something) and somehow put me on U-Tube, singing "Hubert's Trip."
New Orleans Dreaming
I woke up with about $16, cigarettes and one last beer before bed having ruined me, once again. I can't wait to start my fast and cleanse tomorrow. I am reading about New Orleans and dreaming about it, too. I hope that there really are human statues there.
Asian Human Statues...