Friday, July 16, 2010

An Octave Lower

Friday afternoon, it is.
Yesterday, I took the bus, at great expense to me, all the way to the music store. I needed a "g" string for my guitar. The previous night, I had broken mine and replaced it with a thicker string, tuned down an octave. This made for some interesting sounds, but, eventually I tired of it.
They gave me the wrong string at the store. I didn't notice it until I got back into town.
By then, my jaw was swelling up from where I had bitten into something which lodged itself in between a tooth and my gum, causing an abcess of some kind.
This pain, along with the inconvenience of having the wrong string, made me decide to cancel playing.
I went to a spot in Cooper's Park, and slept atop a tower type thing, which is there.
I woke up with $4.32.
I am trying to get in touch with Ben, the ambulance driver, to see if I can borrow a string.
Friday nights can be good. I can play with the guitar the way it is, but, it is a lot of work to rearrange songs to accomodate the weird tuning, of having a g string tuned an octave lower.

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