Friday, July 9, 2010

Going Backwards

I am at the library. Before that, I went to hide my pack and my guitar in my secret spot. The library has banned guitar cases now, as they could be used to smuggle in arms.

Before that, I had eaten at The Coffee Club, after sleeping only 3 hours.

Last night, some cops pulled over a car and ordered it to stop right on the other side of the elevator shaft, which I use for subterfuge. I had trouble falling asleep with the pulsing blue light, like from some disco in hell, and the sporadic belches from their radio. I worried that they might do a homeless guy sweep of the premises while they were there. They, of course had to sit and talk cop-talk for almost another hour, after releasing the poor slob with his citation in hand. I had my ears pealed, for anything that sounded like "What do you think of ol' guitar-boy with the long hair, ready to shake him down, or should we wait for him to step out of line?" It was hard to sleep with one ear open.

Before that, I had played on the street, having moderate sucess, but not being able to earn money faster than I smoked and drank it; typical of Mobile, where I think I came for a self-imposed rehab.

The manager of the Mobile Bay Adventure Inn came by in his van, pulled over and thanked me for playing by the pool last Sunday. "Those Scottish guys were characters, weren't they?' He mentioned playing again this weekend.

I am seriously thinking about getting some kind of cell phone, before the proceeds therof evaporate. I just want one with mobile blogging capabilities and possibly a camera, so I can blog mobily around Mobile.

Those are about all of the highlights from last night.
Into The Future

Now, I leave here and walk to the Starbucks to ask people if I can pay for their coffee on my gift card, in exchange for 'cash of a lesser value." My hope is that they will give me money and tell me to save my card for a rainy day, but, will be happy with cash of a lesser value, should I have to burn some off of my card.

Then, I may go to the coin shop to shop my Mercury dime for whatever I can get for it, since I will be in the neighborhood. (It's in about the condition shown above, 1942-P) I'm going to play hardball and ask $2.50 for it.
Then, it should be almost time for the meal at the Salvation Army, after which I will grab my pack and guitar from the secret place, and go into town. There will be an "artwalk" tonight, where people will be walking by me with art on their minds, and free samples of wine in their stomachs. I remember making 55 bucks at an artwalk in St. Augustine.

Spiritually, I didn't do my meditation in the graveyard this morning, and will have to try to squeeze it in somewhere.

Physically, I had an aching left knee last night and this morning, probably from grinding the ligament against the hardness of the ex-convent spot, over by the Presbyterian Church, where I slept Thursday night.

I purposely spent the rest of my money on a costly energy drink this morning, so I wouldn't be tempted to drink 3 beers before the artwalk. I have been foraying into playing the first set of songs totally sober, lately. It just takes more focus to get things going, but the added acuity makes for some more "cerebral" music.

Is Oil Job Slipping Away?

The oil cleanup people have not managed to get through to me. They are hard to get in touch with. I hope the job hasn't slipped away. -More reason for getting a cell phone.

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