Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I Needed The Rest, But Not The Rest

Hotel Pool Gig

Sunday, the pool gig went pretty well.
For the second consequetive week, I was asked to play Bob Dylan, before even getting the guitar out of the case.
This week, the request came from a group of Scottish ("Don't call us British, we take offence!!") young men. I played "Like a Rolling Stone," and was given beer after beer and cigarette after cigarette by them. They are in town, working the oil spill and making 500 pounds per week each, or whatever translates into 700 dollars. The afternoon ended with myself getting my 30 dollars, along with a big chunk of pork ribs, off of the grill.
I then went onto the street and made about 15 more.

Monday, So Good To MeMonday, I woke up with $41.65.

I went to the Church Street Cemetary, to do my morning meditation. I started morning meditations, Sunday morning. I've been reading "Light From The Dust," the story of Joseph Smith, Jr. Monday included running into Don, who plays guitar and had just worked a 17 hour shift, unloading a cargo ship. He had a check to cash for about $117. There was no overtime paid after the eighth hour. He bought me a beer at the store, and then we went and found a restaurant and had more beer. Then, we went to The Garage, in anticipation of open mic night.
It was still three hours before that spectacle was to commence, and so I went into town to make some more money. There were hardly any people on the street, it being the 5th of July, so I had a store-bought beer, and returned to The Garage. Don had left.
He must have been tired, after working 17 hours unloading a cargo ship.
I played open mic night, not as drunk as I was the prior week, and got some favorable feedback. I did an original, and then a song from the seventies, which the audience thought was an original, by an obscure artist, whose name escapes me.

This morning, I woke up with $18, after what turned out to be a spending frenzy yesterday, which started with coffee at McDonalds, included a pack of cigarettes, some beer, and a valium, which I bought off the street for 2 dollars, before bedtime.
I woke up in a brand new spot, by St. Joseph's Catholic Church. That was as far as I got from where I had swallowed the valium. I slept undisturbed, until about 10:30. I needed the rest, but wish I hadn't spent the 2 bucks.
Now, I worry about my pack, which is hidden, though not very well, in the Church Street Cemetary, as I sit here and blog. It is almost time to go eat at the Salvation Army, if I am to do that.

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ben jernigan said...

daniel! me and bubba drove around looking for you tonight... no luck. hope the strings are holding up.