Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Jasmine In My Mind

Yamaha Screwed Up (I don't have a photo, so, enjoy the Potter kids)

The Yamaha guitar, which I traded the Johnson which Scott gave me (along with $20) for, turned out to be very screwed up. When I tested it at the store, I checked the intonation at a certain point. It was missing a stringat that time.
I later strung it with the Elixirs, confident that a Yamaha would meet certain standards of quality. It probably would have, if there wasn't a slight bend in the neck of it. This didn't become evident until I had all the strings on it and tried to tune it up.

I was pretty depressed, and went back to the sleeping spot, and layed down. I didn't bother trying to play the streets. I kept getting up and taking the guitar out and trying out different things on it. It sounded awful. I went to sleep and woke up depressed. I at least had a plan of action, though.

This morning, I took the Yamaha back to The Friendly Pawn Shop, and told Tom about the problem. I asked him if he had anything else in the same price range, or, if I could carry a balance on some more expensive instrument.

I Get A Jasmine By Takamine
Tom gave me a Jasmine guitar, which is made by Takamine. Takamine is an even better name than Yamaha. I wouldn't be able to afford one, but their subsidary brand, Jasmine, is more in my "range," yet still made well -just of cheaper materials. Jerry Garcia had a Takamine. Look, there he is with it! Hey, Jerry!

The thing played much better than the others.
I put on the Elixirs, even though it already had some pretty new strings.
I probably should have left those on, as they were new and ...

I realised that the Elixirs were part of the problem, having been taken off of one guitar and then strung on another, and then another yet. I guess they need to settle into a certain pitch, and don't transplant well.
It Still Needs Some Work
The tuning machines slip a bit on the Jasmine. This is probably why someone pawned it. It slips out of tune, especially on certain strings. I still have 4 tuning machines left from the set of six which I had to buy upon arriving in Mobile, whereupon one of mine broke.

My mission, now, is to go back to the pawn shop and borrow tools to put the 4 machines on the 4 worst strings. Hopefully a couple of them arent' slipping. I will know better after messing around with it some tonight.

I still need to see about replacing my glasses, that last thing keeping me from exploring New Orleans.

It has been a slow day. I have a slight cold. I still havent' eaten much in the past week. I had three banannas and a mango, along with a green vegetable drink today.

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