Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Jasmine Is Fine

The Jasmine guitar was much better this morning. I think it had something to do with the strings being taken off of one guitar and put on another.

I Eat A Can Of Chicken Soup

Last night, after I left the library, I went to CVS to get a 2-pack of aspirin, because of my slight cold. They had cans of chicken soup in a bin, right by the check-out. They were 2 for a dollar. I bought one, and I ate it. I used the broth to wash down two Tylenols. They didn't have plain aspirin.

The soup was pretty good, salty and heavy on the noodles, and a little light on the chicken chunks. My cold is a lot better this morning, as is the news about the Jasmine guitar.

Big Weekend Planned With Jasmine

I am ready to play it, and have been working on a couple new songs.

It is possible to plug headphones into the computers here and listen to CDs. I have diverted my attention into an Elvis Costello disc, the past half hour.

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