Friday, September 24, 2010

The Hectic, Busy Life Of A Songwriter

Blogging Backwards
I am drifting back in I am updating this blog.
Before this, I was reading a book about how to write a song on a guitar. It gave me all kinds of ideas, and I wrote a song in my head, as I was reading the book. The text gave me the confidence to do this, as there was a section which mentioned specifically that some writers compose the whole song in their heads, before even picking up an instrument. There are others who "sometimes" do it. So, I went ahead and composed a song in my head, since Brian May of the group Queen does it. (My Dad: "If Brian May jumped off a cliff, would you jump off one, too?)
Queen, writing songs in their heads (left)
Concerns Over Jasmine's Storage
Before that, I had stashed my stuff at the fire station. I was hoping to see Porsha, in order to ask her if the Captain who removes my stuff was working today. I didn't see her, but, after going for my  morning energy drink(s) -I have a two-drink monkey on my back now- and consuming them and talking to Brenda, the skinny black lady who sweeps the parking lot at the Shell every morning, for a while, I walked past the station and saw that my stuff hadn't been removed as of that time; so I am only half worried right now.
Last night, I played and made about a yard and a half, to use a football analogy. I might have made 10 bucks.
Large Black Girls 
As I was leaving, some very large black girls were teasing me, and saying dirty things to me, the gist of which was their questioning  whether or not I believed that I could "handle" all 280+ pounds of any one of them. Someone had given me some pizza in a box, and it was this which was used as an "ice-breaker," and the subject of the initial conversation. I offered them some of the pizza, and managed to escape without being put upon to admit that I doubt that I could "handle" any one of them.
Hotel Gig For Bayfest
Jail Loses Boots
Before that, I was getting out of jail. The jail had misplaced my clothing and my boots. They gave me substitutes for all except the boots. Luckily, I had a pair stashed at the abandoned convent spot, and I trudged my way there, in the shower shoes, which were as close as the jailers could come  to replacing my boots. Then, since I had taken the laces out of the boots, to use elsewhere, I trudged in them to the Catholic Charities place, where the nice lady gave me some laces.
Thus sped up, I went to the bank, to cash the 4 dollar check, which the jail had given to me, representing the money that I had in my pocket when arrested. I used the jail ID, and had no trouble cashing it.
I then went to the Mobile Bay Adventure Inn, to return a cell phone, which I had found on the ground before being incarcerated. The manager gave me 3 dollars, and invited me to play next Friday, October 1st, at the entrance to the hotel, for the kickoff of the Bayfest, which is a huge outdoor concert, featuring several bands on several stages. He said that he could pay me with a ticket for the event, which is a $45 value.

Perhaps some of the performers will be staying at the hotel, and will hear me play, and invite me into the studio, or on an international tour. If it is Mary J. Blige (left and right) who does this, I will seriously consider it.
"You can play that piano?"

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