Thursday, September 23, 2010

I Worry Therefore, I Am

I Am Jailed
I am sitting here, worried about my Jasmine and my bag. I have hidded them in a different spot, as, The Captain on duty at the fire station had removed them from where they were secreted amongst the axes and oxegen canisters in a storage area at the same station. He threw them outside the station, on the hose drying platform, where the Jasmine was subject to being hit by direct sunlight. Luckily, I got out of jail at about the same time that he was doing this, and thus saved them from theft or destruction. Now, I worry about them where they are now.
I have spent the past 3 days in the Mobile Metro Jail, because I strayed onto the property of the Riverside Renaiassance Hotel, which is $280 per night, and I was profiled as a person who wasn't a "guest" there, probably because I picked a butt out of one of their ashtrays. After I picked the butt, a genuine guest saw me, and seeing the guitar on my back and profilling me as a struggling musician, offered me a real cigarette. The security personell, seeing this, concluded that I was asking their $275 guests for cigarettes, or else, why would the guy have handed me a cigarette. The Law was called, and, on Monday morning, after I had eaten my grits and hard boiled egg, the officers moved in and arrested me, based upon a warrant which was signed by someone working at the hotel, who had identified me as the "guy who carries a guitar around."
I spent 3 days in the Metro Jail. I slept most of the first day, got up and ate the second day, and stretched my sore knee and excercised the 3rd day. I came out feeling rested and (not to mention 2 hot showers) clean, and, now I am at the library, worrying only about my bag and my Jasmine, which should be hidden well enough, except for the fact that there are people with nothing better to do than to watch people who normally carry guitars, and to become aware of such an occurance of seeing said individual without guitar on back, and then mobilizing (not necessarily a pun upon Mobile, Al. but might as well be...) in a search of same g uitar and the resultant 20 dollar piece of crack.
So, I shorten this.
"God Hates You" Group Jailed
Saturday night the "God Hates You" group was arrested right in front of lme. They were chanting: "God hates gays," on that particular occasion, much to the vexation of a group of women, who looked very manly and dressed very manly, and had manly haircuts. The group of women were complaining to the police, along with the normal passersby, who were called "whoremongers," by the group, along with being told that God hates them.
I thought that I might see one of them in the jail, perhaps be one of their celllmates. Maybe I could have saved their souls, but, instead, I got some Cuban guy who talked to himself the whole time. Maybe he was trying to save my soul in some unorthodox way...
I am going now to get my stuff. I would be pretty hard prtessed to carry on without my guitar and my cheap AM radio, not to mention my mosquito repellent, and a data stick holding all of my lyrics of the past month.

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