Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tuesday morning, and I woke up at 7:15, just as the sun rose above the horizon and hit me with its light. I went to the Presbyterian and got my egg and bowl of cereal. First, I stopped at the Government Center restroom and noticed that I looked as if I had just woken up. I washed up, shaved and then donned my $1 sunglasses.
Yesterday, after leaving the library, I went and drank some wine and wandered downtown. In the aftermath of Bayfest, the streets looked empty, but well swept. The stages had all been taken away and the trash picked up, and the only evidence that there was a music festival, was the grass in the park, which looked like it had definitely been stepped upon.
Patriot Games
I was looking for a spot to listen to the Patriots game on my cheap AM radio, and was down by the railroad tracks, retrieving my jacket, which I hadn't worn since last April, when temperatures were similar to the frigid 58 degrees of last night.

Reba is satisfied with the way the Patriots played
 A slow moving train came by and so I decided to go to the Exxon and then listen to the game behind it, on a certain loading dock. I grabbed onto the train and rode most of the way to the Exxon on it, got a Hurricane Lager and tuned in the game, just as it was kicking off. The game was in Miami. The Patriots won, after starting off poorly.

I couldn't see the game, of course, and had to use my imagination to picture it.

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